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Fire Awareness Training

Fire Awareness training is essential for all employees. Our online course is IOSH Approved and CPD Accredited and teaches users more about the hazards they might encounter at work, what to do in emergencies and the different types of fire extinguisher. 

30mHealth & Safety

Manual Handling Training

Our IOSH Approved Manual Handling training covers all the essential information for manual handling tasks including knowledge about your back, preventing aches and pains during daily tasks, the LITE assessment and different manual handling techniques. 

35mHealth & Safety

DSE Training (Display Screen Equipment)

This DSE Training (Display Screen Equipment) is IOSH Approved and helps organisations to work towards compliance with The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992. 

30mHealth & Safety

Slips, Trips and Falls Prevention Training

37% of all reported workplace injuries are a result of a slip, trip or fall. Our training course will help you to work towards compliance with The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and help all staff understand how and why accidents can happen.  

30mHealth & Safety

Risk Assessment Training

Good risk assessments can prevent accidents and fatalities in the workplace. In this course, users will learn more about the difference between hazards and risks, the 5 steps to a risk assessment, the hierarchy of hazard control, and gain access to our free risk assessment tool. 

30mHealth & Safety Management

Working at Height Training

Sadly, falls from height are still the leading cause of death in UK workplaces. So it is imperative that employees know how to safely work at height, should they need to do so. This course will cover the legal responsibilities, the risks associated with working at height, and choosing the right equipment. 

35mHealth & Safety

Electrical Safety Training

Our Electrical Safety Training is both IOSH & RoSPA Approved. This online course will provide users with the knowledge of how to work safely with electricity, the types of accidents/injuries that can occur, and the legislation surrounding electricity at work. 

30mHealth & Safety

First Aid Appointed Person Training

Our First Aid Appointed Person (FAAP) Training has been created specifically for the individual within an organisation who has been designated the FAAP. They will learn about their responsibilities and this course can be completed in just 20 minutes. 

20mHealth & Safety

COSHH Training

Our COSHH Training is IOSH Approved and Skills for Care Endorsed. In just 25 minutes, users will understand the 6 simple steps in controlling health & safety risks, know how to identify the different hazard symbols, and learn more about hazardous substances at work. 

25mHealth & Safety

Ladder Safety Training

When working with ladders, employees should know which ladder they need to pick to safely perform their tasks. This course will educate employees on the importance of ladder selection, the checks to make before using a ladder and how to set it up, and finally, how to safely use the ladder that's been selected. 

25mHealth & Safety

Noise Awareness Training

This IOSH Approved course can be completed in just 25 minutes. Users will learn more about how their ears work and help them to understand how easy it is to damage them, how noise is measured and when it becomes damaging, and finally the different kinds of hearing protection and when they should use them. 

25mHealth & Safety

Hand Arm Vibration Awareness (HAVS) Training

In just 20 minutes, employees will have a better understanding of Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome and what can cause it. Our course helps you work towards compliance with The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005 and is IOSH Approved. 

20mHealth & Safety

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