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Course contents

This training course is broken down into 3 sections

  1. 1 Raising Awareness
  2. 2 Disability & The Law
  3. 3 Workplace Practices & Culture
An animation from Disability Awareness & Inclusion Training
A man in a wheelchair working at a computer

Some disabilities are visible and some are invisible. In this section, we raise awareness around disabilities by identifying them, clearing up some misconceptions and misunderstandings, look into what it's like to work with a disability, the social model of disability, and ableism. 

Icons representing the Equality Act

This section looks at disabilities and UK law, what actions are unlawful and what adjustments you can make. We also cover direct & indirect discrimination, harassment & victimisation, discrimination arising from disability, and policies & procedures.

3 colleagues working at a flip pad.

Workplaces have a responsibility to be fully accessible, inclusive, and welcoming for people with disabilities. In our final section, we cover ways this can be achieved through taking positive action, creating an inclusive workplace culture, getting rid of assumptions, and using appropriate language. This section also features an interview with one of our actors - Holly.

About this course

Rather than solely focusing on raising awareness of disabilities, this course also looks at how to be more inclusive of people with disabilities by giving users an understanding of the barriers that people living with disabilities may face.

This course can help boost morale in the workplace and helps those with disabilities feel more understood by their peers who may have little or no knowledge of disabilities and how they can affect a person's working life.

There are so many disabilities that it would be nearly impossible to cover every single disability, but our course provides the user with a practical understanding of sensory impairments, physical disabilities, mental health conditions, learning disabilities, and long-term health conditions.

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Watch: Living with a disability

During the filming of this course, we sat down with our actors to get more of an insight into what it's like to live with a disability and hear from them on what workplaces could do to make working environments more inclusive.

Watch the series here...
Michelle Livings, a presenter of Disability Awareness & Inclusion Training

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Michelle Livings

The importance of Disability Awareness & Inclusion Training

It’s important that you comply with the law and understand the positive impact this training course can have on your organisation and employees.

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Disability Awareness & Inclusion Training certificate

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Very informative training

Good training and a good reminder of what a disability is and how it shoudl be addressed



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just right easy to understand and follow.

It didn't work correctly

The actual course was very informative and very well done. However, it took me along time to complete (over 1.5 hours as it wouldn't progress - I read all the attachments and YouTube video's). I had to get help in the end from technical support as it wasn't recognising my progress in the progress bar. They recognised how long I had been trying and moved me on to take the test. They were very helpful and efficient.

very good course

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Helpful especially on legal information

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This user gave this course a rating of 5/5 stars

Why is this training important?

Business benefits

This course is a step in the right direction when it comes to spreading awareness of disabilities, how disabilities may affect people within or who are involved with your organisation (whether that's employees, customers, or the public), and how to make reasonable adjustments to your workplace so that it is fit for purpose for any person.

Creating a workplace that is more inclusive will allow businesses to attract a wider pool of talent, create a more diverse workspace, improve problem-solving and improve workplace wellbeing throughout the organisation. As a result, productivity will soar and staff turnover will fall.

Businesses that embrace inclusion and diversity create a culture of innovation, making employees feel genuinely included. It can even go as far as to improve profitability and brand reputation.

This course can also help to:

  • Encourage acceptance & inclusion
  • Change attitudes towards disabilities
  • Raise awareness of multiple disabilities

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