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Communication Skills Training

Effective communication is a key part of being a strong leader. Our Communication Skills Training will provide learners with ways to build on their existing skills to initiate and respond to different forms of communication and build strong relationships with their teams. 

10mSoft Skills

Confidence Building Training

Confidence is key as a leader. This Confidence Building Training will make sure staff in leadership roles are equipped with the skills to present high levels of professionalism, appear confident to their team, clients and employers and learn how they can build their own confidence if it's lacking. 

10mSoft Skills

Conflict Resolution Training

Our Conflict Resolution Training explains how to effectively dissolve conflict when it arises and work towards preventing it from happening in the first place. This course can be completed in just 30 minutes. 

30mSoft Skills

Critical Thinking Training

Critical Thinking Training can help learners to use tools to analyse problems differently and come up with solutions that might not have been presented through traditional problem-solving methods. This training is suitable for all levels of staff.

15mSoft Skills

Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness is a learnable technique that enables you to notice what's happening in the present moment without making judgments. Promote metacognitive awareness, decrease thinking about the same thing and enhance attention. 

10mSoft Skills

Problem Solving Training

Often, employees turn to those in leadership roles to help them solve a problem. By providing them with Problem Solving Training, they will not only be able to help their team solve problems but encourage them to better analyse problems, implement solutions and adopt new thinking processes. 

10mSoft Skills

Resilience Training

Our IOSH Approved Resilience Training will educate users on the five pillars of resilience, how to better manage change and challenges, and maintain good personal wellbeing. Resilience is a strong and sought-after skill to have as a leader. 

35mSoft Skills

Time Management Training

"We spend 80% of our workday dealing with trivial tasks and only 20% on anything important" (Pareto Principle). Our Time Management Training is essential for all staff so that they can make sure their time is being used for only the most important things.

25mSoft Skills

Mental Health Awareness Training for Managers

Mental Health Awareness Training for Managers will look deeper at the importance of providing good working conditions, making adjustments for employees, and how to monitor employee's wellbeing as well as the manager's own. 

50mHuman Resources Management

Unconscious Bias Training for Management

This Unconscious Bias Training for Managers is a key piece of training for those in leadership so that they can identify, challenge and reduce bias in the workplace. They will also learn about common biases, tackling them and management responsibilities. 

45mHuman Resources Management

Stress Awareness & Management Training

Our Stress Awareness & Management Training is a great tool for employees to not only recognise the signs of stress in themselves but in others too. Learn more about what stress is and the effect it can have on us mentally and physically.

30mHuman Resources

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Training

This EDI Training is for all levels of employees and ensures that everyone knows what prohibited behaviour is, what the protected characteristics are and how an inclusive workplace can bring many benefits to a workplace. 

60mHuman Resources

Bullying & Harassment Training for Managers

This Bullying & Harassment Training for Managers course provides the user with the tools and knowledge they need to understand the detriment bullying and harassment have on workplace morale and what can be done to prevent it.

40mHuman Resources

An Introduction to Leadership

This Introduction to Leadership course has been designed for employees across all industries who are looking to become a more effective leader. It explains what makes a good leader, how certain skills can be developed to help be a good leader, and how these skills can be implemented into real world scenarios.

15mSoft Skills

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