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Returning to Work Training

This comprehensive Returning to Work Training course provides guidance on the return process, explores any relevant policies & procedures and details support mechanisms to aid a smooth return.

25mHuman Resources

Returning to Work (during & after COVID-19) Training

This Returning to Work after COVID-19 Training has been designed to assist employees make a smooth transition back to the working environment, whether they have been furloughed or were working from home.

25mHuman Resources

Fire Awareness Training

Fire Awareness Training falls under a company’s legal training obligations. Our Fire Awareness Training course aids with compliance towards current legislation.

30mHealth & Safety

DSE Training (Display Screen Equipment)

When employees return to work it is good practise to remind them of best set up for DSE so they remain in good habits. Our course is IOSH Approved and includes a free DSE Risk Assessment.

30mHealth & Safety

Resilience Training

This Resilience Training course is something that all employees will hugely benefit from. Periods of change can affect wellbeing and present personal challenges. It provides them with the tools to build resilience.

35mSoft Skills

Mental Health Awareness Training

By providing Mental Health Awareness Training you can ensure employees are equipped to look after their day-to-day wellbeing and recognise when they may need further support.

40mHuman Resources

Infection Prevention and Control Training

This online training course will provide confidence to all employees that infection prevention & control is important and taken seriously. It covers best hygiene practices to help minimise the spread of infection at work.

40mHealth & Safety

Risk Assessment Training

Any risks in the workplace must be recorded through an organisation's risk assessments. Our online training course explains why & when they should be recorded, and includes a free risk assessment tool.

30mHealth & Safety Management

Managing Anxiety Training

With 602,000 workers suffering from work-related stress, depression, or anxiety, it is crucial that organisations offer their employees guidance on how to best deal with anxious thoughts whilst at work.

25mHuman Resources

Responding to Change Training

This Responding to Change Training course assists the user in becoming more confident in positively responding to change and also gives them a better understanding of the difference between transition and change.

10mSoft Skills

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Whatever the reason for an employees absence, it is essential to cover basic Health & Safety requirements, but also put in place training and support to ensure a smooth transition back to work. This bundle accumulates the most important courses to help achieve this.

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Your Legal Responsibilities

Employees safety is paramount and there are many legal obligations relating to the health and safety of employees that employers must adhere to. Here are some of the key considerations.

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