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First Aid at Work Refresher Training

The perfect first aid refresher course to work alongside practical training. To be taken annually, in between practical training intervals.

80m Health & Safety

Paediatric First Aid Refresher Training

This refresher courses is for anyone who works with children, infants or babies as part of their job and should be taken in addition to our First Aid or Emergency First Aid courses. To be taken annually, in between practical training intervals.

20m Health & Safety

Emergency First Aid at Work Refresher Training

Designed for managers and employers, this course helps them decide what first aid personnel they require. It also explains RIDDOR and what needs to be done in the case of an accident or emergency.

50m Health & Safety

First Aid Appointed Person Training

Our First-Aid Appointed Person Training is perfect for designated first-aiders within a business to understand their responsibilities as a First-Aider.

20m Health & Safety

Accident Reporting Training

This Accident Reporting Training programme is designed for everyone to use. It explains what accident reporting is, why it’s important and what could be included in a report.

15m Health & Safety

Our team of experts

We’ve helped thousands of UK organisations keep their first aid staff up to speed with an emergency first aid course or refresher training.

My team has helped all types and sizes of organisations across the UK with their first aid training requirements. Our emergency first aid courses are short, engaging and provide a cost effective way of getting your staff trained quickly! Get in touch with us today and we can help you!

Frequently asked questions

Select a course from our bundle, purchase and complete the course and receive your certificate upon course completion. You can download this certificate as a PDF or print it off.
If you just need training for a single person, our courses are £20+VAT. If you’re buying in bulk for multiple members of staff, please visit our pricing page or request a quote today.
This is down to your employer but we recommend that training is carried out every 12 months and it’s what most of our clients opt for.
Yes, our first aid courses are approved by the likes of RoSPA & IIRSM and accredited by the CPD service for your reassurance. They’re also endorsed by Skills for Care.
Our first aid refresher courses are primarily aimed at first-aiders within an organisation but many of our clients choose to give this training to all staff so they have a basic understanding of first aid. Our other courses such as First Aid Requirements & RIDDOR are aimed at managers and employers to help them work out what first aid personnel they require. These courses can be given to care workers and assistants, childcare and nursery staff, teachers, factory and warehouse staff, and production line staff.
No, these are online refresher courses designed to be taken annually during the three year interval period between practical, face-to-face training. These courses should not be used as a replacement for practical training.
Our first aid courses range from 15 mins to 80 minutes long, meaning your employees can quickly and easily refresh their first aid knowledge at a time that suits them. We aim to make our online training courses as enjoyable and as interactive as possible to make sure training is fully absorbed. All of our online first aid training courses are fully animated and presenter-led to provide an engaging learning experience for your employees. When you choose iHASCO's online first aid training, you’ll also receive an instant printable certificate upon completion of the course.
Your course content will vary depending on the training you choose. However, they will include information on CPR & AED training, administering first aid to those who are unconscious, responsibilities & duties, RIDDOR, applying roller bandages and slings, 'DR ABC', and primary/secondary surveys.

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