You currently spend on 'in-class' training courses. By switching to iHASCO's online training this could be as low as !

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Use our simple calculator to estimate how much you could save in lost staff hours by switching to eLearning. We’re strong believers that eLearning can make your life easier and save you money!

Disclaimer - This calculator will only give you a rough estimate of savings and may not be entirely accurate. For a better understanding of how you can save money by switching to eLearning, please request a quote and we’ll be in touch.

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We think that by switching to an online solution you could save the following in lost working hours, per training course.

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The national average of £11.82 is based on ONS information

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How can I save money by switching to eLearning?

More traditional means of workplace training, like face-to-face training or classroom training are often more time-consuming than eLearning courses, meaning more lost working hours that you’ll be paying for. Not to mention things like travel, accommodation and renting of meeting rooms. The vast majority of our eLearning courses can be completed in less than 30 minutes and are accessible on all smart devices, in any location.

Can a blended learning experience work?

Yes, a blended learning experience (mixture of eLearning and classroom training) can and does work for many organisations. Even as a provider of eLearning, we can see a place for classroom training – we do a lot of it ourselves and understand the upside of getting people together in a room to debate and learn from each other. But this method relies on an effective trainer, committed delegates and usually much more money! Unfortunately, those three things are not always easy to find.