Learn how to effectively promote positive Mental Health & Wellbeing in your workplace with our range of free resources...

Health and Safety Training for Homeworkers

This Health and Safety Training for Homeworkers programme has been designed to provide a good grounding in general health and safety. It's RoSPA approved and can be completed in just 50 minutes.

50mHealth & Safety

Fire Awareness Training

All employees legally require Fire Awareness Training under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and The Fire Safety Order 2005. Our Fire Awareness Training is IOSH approved and can be completed in as little as 30 minutes.

30mHealth & Safety

GDPR UK Essentials Training

Best GDPR practices should be followed at all times, regardless of where you're working. Complete our essentials course in just 35 minutes. We also have a shorter refresher course available.

35mBusiness Compliance

Cyber Security Awareness Training

With the reliance businesses have on modern technology, it is vital that both management and staff are familiar with how to protect their computers, networks, programmes, and data from any unauthorised access.

35mBusiness Compliance

DSE Training (Display Screen Equipment)

Employers must consider home workers workstation setups and ensure that good DSE practice is being followed from home. Complete our IOSH approved course in just 25 minutes.

30mHealth & Safety

Time Management Training

It can be harder to manage time when remote working with distractions. Our 25 minute Time Management course will help you effectively manage your time.

25mSoft Skills

Effective Remote Working Training

Providing your employees with tools to communicate and be productive is a must for any business with remote workers. This 30-minute course is a simple way of providing your staff with these tools.

30mHuman Resources

Mental Health Awareness Training

Our award-winning, IOSH Approved Mental Health Awareness Training helps employees to maintain positive mental wellbeing by providing them with tools and guidance.

40mHuman Resources

Managing Anxiety Training

This IOSH Approved Managing Anxiety Training provides employees with simple CBT tools and ideas to help them manage, understand and approach anxious thoughts and feelings.

25mHuman Resources

Our team of experts

We’ve helped thousands of UK businesses easily work towards compliance with Health & Safety and HR legislation...

The Health & Safety of remote workers must be considered by employers, who are required to protect the health, safety and welfare of homeworkers who are employees. These courses are a fantastic tool to keep remote workers up to speed with important topics.

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Alex Wilkins Tech.IOSH Head of Business Development

Your Legal Responsibilities

"Employers are required to protect the health, safety and welfare of homeworkers who are employees. If you employ homeworkers you should carry out a risk assessment of the work activities and take appropriate measures to reduce any associated risks."

- The HSE


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