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Food Safety & Hygiene Training Level 1

A basic food safety and hygiene course for anyone who handles low-risk or wrapped foods. Covers basic requirements, including the Food Hygiene Regulations 2006, cross contamination, food poisoning and more.

50m Health & Safety

Food Safety & Hygiene Training Level 2

Required for anyone who works in catering, manufacturing, or retail where food is prepared, cooked, and handled. Understand how to control risks, importance of personal hygiene, storage and more.

70m Health & Safety

Food Safety & Hygiene Training Level 3

Aimed at supervisors, managers or business owners working with food to help them understand their day-to-day responsibilities, including how to implement a food safety management system such as HACCP.

180m Health & Safety, Management

HACCP Training Level 2

We advise anyone who undertakes level 2 food safety training to also complete HACCP Level 2 training. HACCP is an internationally recognised system and it is vital to have a plan in place for training of all food staff.

35m Health & Safety

Food Allergy Awareness Training

This course has been designed for anyone working with food, whether in production, processing, packaging, distribution, retail or catering. Works alongside any of our other food safety courses.

35m Health & Safety

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Frequently asked questions

According to the Food Standards Agency (FSA), over 2 million foodborne illnesses occur every year in the UK. It's also estimated that 380,000 cases of norovirus linked to food occur in the UK each year. By not implementing proper food hygiene practices, food businesses are putting customers at risk of contracting a foodborne illness, should the worst happen. This could lead to legal action against you and may even result in closure. Employees in any food-related business can help reduce this risk by completing one of our in-depth food hygiene training courses. These will teach staff the best ways to handle food safely and effectively. The FSA has identified numerous risks when it comes to food handling including cross-contamination, allergens, foreign objects in food, and maintaining personal hygiene standards. Our online food hygiene training courses provide employees with the knowledge they need to help protect themselves and their customers against these risks.
Select a course from our bundle, purchase and complete the course and receive your certificate upon course completion. You can download this certificate as a PDF or print it off.
If you just need training for a single person, our courses are £25+VAT. If you’re buying in bulk for multiple members of staff
This is down to your employer but we recommend that training is carried out every 12 months and it’s what most of our clients opt for.
Yes, our courses are approved by the likes of IOSH and accredited by the CPD service for your reassurance.
No, levels are just an indicator of the depth of knowledge within each course. You should take whatever level is appropriate for you.
This largely depends on what types of food you or they work with and in what capacity. Find out what courses you/your staff need here.
No, if you’re selling food on a small scale or ad-hoc basis then you do not legally require food safety training. However, if you are a registered business then you will be required to undertake training.
No matter which option you choose, you can easily work our training options around the needs of your business. All of our food safety courses can be completed online and accessed anywhere at any time, meaning that you won't need to worry about scheduling food hygiene training sessions in advance.
Businesses must adhere to the regulations set out in the Food Safety Act 1990, the Food Standards Act 1999, and the Food Hygiene Regulations 2006. More recently, businesses have had to consider the impact of the Food Information Amendment Regulation (also commonly referred to as 'Natasha's Law') on their business.
We offer basic food hygiene training courses, as well as more detailed, in-depth courses for those who handle and prepare food regularly. Course contents will vary slightly depending on the training option you choose, however, they generally cover the following topics: Personal hygiene standards, foodborne illnesses, pest control in the workplace, cleaning and disinfection procedures, the importance of proper documentation, HACCP, and food allergens. We provide a Food Hygiene Level 1 course, a Food Hygiene Level 2 course, a Food Hygiene Level 3 course, and a HACCP training course.
We offer food hygiene training to everyone involved in producing, preparing, and handling food. This includes kitchen assistants, cleaners, delicatessen staff, warehouse workers, chefs, and anyone else who handles, cooks, prepares, or sells food products.
Our approach is to keep things simple and effective; with our online courses, you can quickly provide your employees with a wealth of knowledge in a convenient way. We've been producing engaging and insightful food hygiene training courses for years and these have been implemented by thousands of businesses worldwide. This means you can put your trust in our courses and easily take steps towards becoming a more safety-focused, compliant food business.

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