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How often should I renew my food hygiene certificate?

How often should I renew my food hygiene certificate?

In the UK, it is considered best practice for organisations to ensure that their workers have up-to-date food hygiene knowledge, which can be demonstrated by taking an Online Food Safety & Hygiene Training courses on a regular basis.

At the very minimum, your staff should renew their food hygiene certificate every 3 years. However, it is highly advised that your food hygiene certificate is renewed yearly so that staff can be reminded of key aspects of food safety & hygiene that they may not remember in full detail, such as proper food handling and storage procedures.

Additionally, there are frequent changes in legislation regarding food safety & hygiene, which means that food handlers’ knowledge may be outdated if they haven’t completed training in a few years. They should have the most up-to-date knowledge in order for the organisation to comply with the current law and safely prepare food in their food premises.

Food Safety & Hygiene Training - Level 1 & 2

Here at iHASCO, we offer a range of Food Hygiene courses, including Food Safety & Hygiene Training - Level 1 course and a Food Safety & Hygiene Training - Level 2 course for those who handle food in a working environment.

Both of these CPD Accredited courses cover food hazards & food poisoning and personal hygiene when handling food. Additionally, the level 2 course covers the 4 C’s of food safety and procedures & premises.

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