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This training course is broken down into 2 sections

  1. 1 Spill kits
  2. 2 Dealing with a spill
Someone apply their PPE from their spill kit - Spill Kit Training: Bodily Fluids
Image of a spill kit

Spill kits are the first response to spills. They provide what’s needed to clean up a spill. Having them on hand means that spills can be dealt with quickly and effectively in a safe and hygienic manner. This is vital with this type of spill as bodily fluids are potentially infectious.

It’s important that you know where to find them and how to use them.

Image of someone encountering a bodily fluid spill

Your organisation may have its own specific spill response procedure, that describes what you should do in the event of a spill and tells you who you should contact. If your organisation has one, then make sure you read it, so you know what you have to do and who you have to tell.

About this course

Spillage of bodily fluids can pose a large risk to both people and the environment. A spill kit is comprised of various absorbent tools that should be used when there is a leak or spillage of a bodily fluid. They are designed to stop the spillage from spreading further and help start a cleanup process.

Spill kits must only be used in emergencies. Most are comprised of the same base products, which are PPE, materials to stop leakages, waste bags and materials to seal drains. Some workplaces may have multiple sizes and multiple purpose spill kits. 

When you encounter a spill, the first and most important thing is to protect yourself first. Our Spill Kit Training for Bodily Fluids course looks at what a spill kit comprises of, when it's needed and the procedure to follow when you encounter a spill.

Michelle Livings, a presenter of Spill Kit Training: Bodily Fluids

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Michelle Livings

The importance of Spill Kit Training: Bodily Fluids

It’s important that you comply with the law and understand the positive impact this training course can have on your organisation and employees.

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Maybe needs to emphasise that bleach contains chlorine. The way it was introduced did not state that this would be risky to use with acidic spills.

Informative and well presented

Clear and well illustrated information, with useful additional information available with most of the slides. Easy to follow and gives confidence that you could deal with a spillage when required.

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This user gave this course a rating of 5/5 stars

Good course

I thought it was a fairly good course, as I let you know that no matter the spill you still have to wear PPE to keep yourself and others safe

Such silly answers to questions

Why oh why do the question setters resort to such stupid answers and trick questions?

Why is this training important?


It's important that you comply with the law and know the ways in which it affects you and the way you work.

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH) 2002 - This covers appropriate training and controls for any bodily fluid which has the potential to cause harm to health if it's ingested, inhaled, or are absorbed by, or come into contact with, the skin, or other body membranes.

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Business benefits

Spill Kits are designed for easy use and so that anyone can prevent a spillage from spreading further. This course is suitable for all employees working in the Care & Education sector and provides them with the skills to know how to effectively use their spill kits to clean up spillages.

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