Covered in this course

The CDM Regulations Training course is broken down into 3 sections.

1) What are the CDM Regulations?

This focusses on the basics of the regulations, laying the foundations. It covers the core values, the different duty holders and their duties, when and where the regulations apply, and the penalties faced for non-compliance.

2) Planning

This section covers the planning of a safe construction project: how to make sure you appoint the right duty-holders; and how to assemble the right pre-construction information, construction phase plan, and health and safety file.

3) Safe Sites

This section covers what you need to do in order to maintain a safe construction site. It covers things like vehicle safety, emergency procedures and welfare facilities.

CDM Certificate

Each of our courses ends with a multiple choice test to measure your knowledge of the material.

This CDM Regulations Training course concludes with a 20 question multiple choice test with a printable certificate. In addition, brief in-course questionnaires guide the user through the sections of the training and are designed to reinforce learning and ensure maximum user engagement throughout.

As well as printable user certificates, training progress and results are all stored centrally in your LMS (Learning Management System) and can be accessed any time to reprint certificates, check and set pass marks and act as proof of a commitment to ongoing legal compliance.

What does my certificate include?

Your CDM Regulations Training Certificate includes your name, company name (if applicable), name of course taken, pass percentage, date of completion, expiry date and stamps of approval or accreditations by recognised authorities.

iHasco CDM Regulations Certificate

Real user reviews

Based on 9 real user reviews.

4.11 out of 5
Excellent and informative

A great course for those wishing to start down the road of CDM requirments

Easy to follow and learn the basics

This is a good course about CDM, however as I am working in Ireland, I would rather have access to a course which explains the Irish Regulations "Safety, Health And Welfare At Work (Construction) Regulations 2006"

Easy to follow

A very good refresher.


I don't think the training is bad, but it is completely unnecessary for the work I do.

Interesting & Informative

No summary provided


A Very Good Course.

Quite basic

If you had no knowledge of CDM then this would be a good starting point.

Straight forward

Good for an overview of a CDM project.

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The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015

It's important that you comply with the law and know the ways in which it affects you and the way you work. Take a look at relevant legislation below.

Whatever your role in construction, CDM aims to improve health and safety in the industry by helping you to:

- sensibly plan the work so the risks involved are managed from start to finish
- have the right people for the right job at the right time
- cooperate and coordinate your work with others
- have the right information about the risks and how they are being managed
- communicate this information effectively to those who need to know
- consult and engage with workers about the risks and how they are being managed

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