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Fire Awareness Training

Legally required for all staff, our Fire Awareness Training provides employees with the information they need to understand best practice surrounding fires in the workplace.

30mHealth & Safety

Fire Warden Training (Marshal)

All organisations legally require a designated fire warden. Our training provides designated employees with all the knowledge they need to become a fully trained Fire Warden to better protect both consumers and staff.

40mHealth & Safety

Manual Handling Training

Incorrect manual handling is accountable for around 21% of all non-fatal workplace injuries. Our Manual Handling Training course teaches employees staff the best practices surrounding lifting at work.

35mHealth & Safety

GDPR Training

Consumers have more rights over the use of their own data, and simple tasks such as taking bookings must be treated carefully. Our GDPR Training course teaches staff about the rights consumers have over their data and best practice on protecting it.

35mBusiness Compliance

Food Allergy Awareness Training

Those in leisure and hospitality will often be serving food and drink to customers, and this must be treated very carefully. If staff are unaware of the 14 main allergens, it could cause a dangerous situation. Our course teaches staff best practice surrounding allergens.

35mHealth & Safety

Food Hygiene Level 1 Training Course

With over a million cases of food poisoning reported each year in the UK alone, it’s clear to see that poor food safety & hygiene can be dangerous, even life-threatening. Our training course covers the basics needed for all levels of staff to work with food safely.

50mHealth & Safety

Food Hygiene Level 2 Training Course

Including all topics from our Food Safety & Hygiene Level 1 Training course, Level 2 includes further information on aspects of food safety for directly handling food. This is essential for staff in the leisure & hospitality sector preparing food.

70mHealth & Safety

COSHH Training

There are many risks involved with using chemicals at work, and working in leisure & entertainment probably means you use chemicals frequently. All staff should be aware of the dangers of using these chemicals, and how to best use them safely.

25mHealth & Safety

Risk Assessment Training

Any risks should be recorded through an organisations risk assessments. Our training course explains why & when they should be recorded, and includes a free risk assessment tool.

30mHealth & Safety Management

Accident Reporting Training

With less than a fifth of accidents being reported properly under RIDDOR, it’s crucial that all leisure & entertainment employees understand the correct procedures to comply with legislation. Our course teaches employees how to do just that.

15mHealth & Safety

Anti-Bribery Training

Bribery comes in many forms, and even something as small as taking £5 to skip a queue is considered bribery. Our Anti Bribery Training course covers the types of bribery, failing to prevent bribery, and the definitions of bribes, gifts & hospitality.

25mBusiness Compliance

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Training

In the UK alone, around £100 million pounds is laundered every working day. Laundering can happen in any business. Our online training course covers what money laundering is, customer verification, suspicious activity, and laws, acts and policies.

30mBusiness Compliance

First Aid Appointed Person Training

It’s a legal requirement for all organisations, including those in entertainment and leisure, to have at least one appointed person to take care of first aid at work. Our training course covers health & safety requirements and how to deal with emergencies.

20mHealth & Safety

First Aid at Work Refresher Training

It's essential that entertainment & leisure organisations have the correct people in place to deal with potentially life-threatening situations. Our training works as a refresher between practical training sessions every three years.

80mHealth & Safety

Customer Service Training

Leisure and entertainment facilities thrive on good reviews and that often comes as a result of great customer service. Your employees must offer a good service to all consumers and our course offers information on best practice surrounding customer service.

35mSoft Skills

Slips, Trips and Falls Prevention Training

Working in leisure and entertainment means a lot of moving about, cleaning, and other tasks that have slips hazards associated with them. Our training teaches workers on how to best stay safe when performing these tasks.

30mHealth & Safety

Spill Kit Training: Chemicals & Oils

No matter whether your organisation deals with unusual chemicals or household name cleaning products, it can be dangerous if there is a spillage of these chemicals. Our training course teaches employees what to do in such a situation.

20mHealth & Safety

HACCP Training Level 2

If your organisation produces, handles, retail, or distributes consumable products, legally you are required to implement HACCP as a food safety management system. This course teaches users to put HACCP principles into practice.

35mHealth & Safety

Communication Skills Training

This Communication Skills Training course enables the learner to understand the benefits of effective communication skills at work and gives practical advice on how to develop this set of skills.

10mSoft Skills

Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training

This Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training course helps to raise awareness of drug and alcohol addiction and teaches the user how to identify signs of it in theirselves and others.

25mHuman Resources

Cyber Security Awareness Training

This Cyber Security Awareness Training course provides the user with the information needed to best protect your computers, networks, programmes and data from harm.

35mBusiness Compliance

Emergency First Aid at Work Training - Refresher

This Emergency First Aid at Work Training (Refresher) course reminds users of the knowledge and skills they need to help someone when an accident or emergency occurs.

50mHealth & Safety

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