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Average score 4.7

385 reviews

  • 82% 5
  • 11% 4
  • 5% 3
  • 1% 2
  • 2% 1
The content was ok

On slides 3, 4 and 16, in particular, I felt uncomfortable to the point that I had to stop the training temporarily. There is clunking and clicking that made me feel rather disorientated, possibly especially as I was wearing headphones. The sounds were actually within the presentation however it felt/sounded like they could be external, around where I sat, as if perhaps an accident had occurred nearby. Not pleasant and got my heart racing, in a panic.

interesting but contradictory

Test question: Crucial for workplace to have bullying/harassment policies yet law only covers harassment, so is it 'crucial' or 'recommended'?

Too much details for the legal terms

If there is zero tolerance ( which should be) why to bother us with the small definitions between them. The course should focus on eliminating all of them the small definitions are irrelevant.

A good informative course

there were several things I learnt while doing this course so it was worthwhile.

Good course

Videos are a bit lengthy

Helpful, and informative

I found the course in general very useful but thought the video clips against the spoken text was distracting.There was a lot going on in the videos and with trying to look at all that was going on slightly detracted and took your attention away from the spoken text.

Covers subject well

This was a good course as I felt it covered the subject on Bullying and Harrassment well.

Overly long

Quite a comprehensive video, and the advice is easy to say but not easy to put into practice despite peoples best intentions / efforts, don't think seeing this video will deter the bully

Could do with showing some scenarios

No summary provided

Covers the basics

The course was helpful in that it provided definitions and contributed to a better understanding of the terminology. I also wasn't aware that one could go to so-called employment tribunals for legal advice, which is helpful. I would have like to have been given more scenarios/ example situations with appropriate responses from both victim and bully/ harasser. I also thought that the section on sexual harassment was much too short, slightly insensitive (e.g. confronting your bully in these matters is incredibly hard and requires a great deal of assertiveness) and was overall insufficient. More examples and reassurance for victims would have gone a long way here.

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