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Release 20230816

Improved the labelling of data displayed in the LMS dashboard pie chart e.g. including the raw values in addition to the percentages; indicating where the percentages are approximated; etc.

Release 20230613

Include users’ segments and profile fields in the docs & policies report in the LMS.

Release 20230421

  • Added machine translations for the Tamil language.

Release 20220519.1

Allow postdated contract start and end dates to pass validation when clients are flagged as “Ready for Salesforce”

Release 20220519

  • Salesforce API integrations for creating opportunities on low credit and creating contacts when admin users set up in LMS
  • Check contracts when marking clients as “Ready for Salesforce” when setting flag in CRM
  • Fall-back to license created at date when no purchase date present for license when auto-creating contract service dates

Release 20220504.1

IHA-364 Allow Approvals Display for Resellers – patch

Release 20220504

IHA-364 Allow Approvals Display for Resellers IHA-429 Error 404 thrown when trying to access the test without completing all units

Release 20220420.2

  • Access to SCORM training no longer requires third party cookies to be enabled

Release 20220324

  • New LMS Course Library. Allow users with suitable permissions to manage course selection and settings.

Release 20220211

  • Revised tools for managing Administrative Users. Read more at our Knowledge Base

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