Release notes

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Release 20210129

  • Improved LMS search interface
  • Improved LMS exports

For more information, see our blog post

Release 20201113

  • Enable management of label and notification settings for Assessment topics

Release 20201101

  • Revised interface for managing API access tokens

Release 20201015

  • Introduce indicator for background jobs in Client LMS

Release 20201002

  • Release Lone Worker assessment topics

Release 20201001

  • Added support for Nepalese and Norwegian languages

Release 20200911.2

  • Enable two-factor authentication in client LMS

Release 20200810

  • Training managers can now opt-in to receive emails when credit level is low

Release 20200803

  • Changed default video delivery network from Vimeo to Amazon Web Services

Release 20200703

  • Addition of new DSE assessment module
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