Release notes

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Release 20190925

  • Addition of “Documents & policies” card to user profile screens
  • Various bug fixes

Release 20190827

  • Addition of secure file transfer feature to client LMS
  • Various bug fixes

Release 20190821

  • First public release of v2 of the client API

Release 20190814

  • Addition of translations for Documents & policies module UI
  • Enable Documents & policies (with warning) for non password protected training suites
  • Various bug fixes

Release 20190802

  • Addition of “Documents & policies” module to LMS
  • Various bug fixes

Release 20190716

  • Addition of new feature to client LMS which allows for merging of user records
  • Addition of signed certificate URLs
  • Improved CPD time calculation
  • Various bug fixes

Release 20190712

  • Addition of new course setting view screen (with link to old bulk edit screen)
  • Addition of new individual course setting screens
  • Addition of new feature which allows you to specify additional text which appears on your course certificates
  • Addition of new feature which allows you to specify the content which appears on the test congratulations screen on successful completion of a course
  • Addition of new bulk enrolment and un-enrolment events
  • Visual refinement of the events view
  • Prevent sending of rating/thanks emails for users with a non en-gb preference

Release 20190705

  • Migrated email template settings to “Messaging”
  • Deprecated ability to add new custom HTML email templates in favour of markdown
  • Added warning notice regarding future deprecation of existing custom HTML email templates
  • Removed ability to customise system email templates unless you’ve done so already
  • Revised ‘compose email’ screen with inline markdown preview

Release 20190607

  • Improved form validation feedback in client LMS
  • Added Thai UI language translations to training suite
  • Added Vietnamese UI language translations to training suite
  • Various bug fixes

Release 20190528

  • General improvements to print styles in the client LMS.
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