Release notes

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Release 20190322

  • Improvements to accessibility and keyboard navigation in the Training Suite
  • Refined ‘add result’ actions for courses with a trainers license
  • Various bug fixes

Release 20190309

  • Adds ‘moderated self registration’ and ‘pending’ users view to the LMS
  • Enables use of training suite email/password log-in in combination with self registration
  • Adds ability to edit your personal user profile via the client LMS
  • Improved user profile validation
  • Various bug fixes

Release 20190223

  • Addition of more complete user profile ‘Results & courses’ filter to client LMS
  • Adds tracking of unsupported user browsers and LMS unsupported browser alert
  • Various bug fixes

Release 20190216

  • Completely redesigned LMS user profile views
  • Adds basic tracking of user enrolments within the client LMS events log
  • Adds global setting in the client LMS to disable language switcher in training suite
  • Improved message/alert styles in client LMS
  • Added Finnish UI language translations to training suite
  • Various bug fixes

Release 20190130

  • Visual overhaul of account screens

Release 20190124

  • Addition of new feature to allow administrators to force ‘start new session’ for users on any course in the client LMS
  • Various bug fixes

Release 20190123

  • Improved UI for setting of course specific pass marks and training intervals in client LMS
  • Addition of setting to hide ‘Insights’ for LMS administrators without admin level access in client LMS

Release 20190120

  • Visual overhaul of settings screens

Release 20181228

  • Rename ‘Administrative users segments’ as ‘Organisational segments’ and relocate
  • Various bug fixes

Release 20181220

  • New look & feel for ‘Results overview’ in client LMS