Release notes

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Release 20181214

  • Revised results filter in client LMS inc ability to filter users/results by date range
  • Floating ‘actions’ panel in client LMS making it easier to act on users/results
  • Better user/results view pagination in client LMS (ajax load)
  • Failed status view in client LMS for results
  • ‘Resolve failures’ feature in client LMS results view
  • Addition of Events log CSV export feature in client LMS

Release 20181129

  • Addition of ‘Insights’ and events log to client LMS
  • Various bug fixes

Release 20181128

  • Complete overhaul of client LMS dashboard to include management summary, quick links etc
  • Various bug fixes

Release 20181108

  • Massively simplified LMS user import process with support for email only import
  • Various bug fixes

Release 20181102

  • New iHASCO branding applied within application, certificates, emails etc
  • Improved password complexity requirements

Release 20181101

  • Interface for mapping of CSV columns to fields during LMS user import via CSV
  • Various bug fixes

Release 20181024

  • Improved UI for LMS administrator access type and segment assignment
  • Various bug fixes

Release 20181013

  • Changes to how ‘archived’ results views work
  • Overhaul of logic behind ‘actions’ in the LMS (should now be more reliable)
  • Completion reminder emails are now sent for users who completed but failed
  • Addition of IP access restrictions which can be managed via the client LMS
  • Updated ‘settings’ UI in client LMS
  • Addition of ‘account’ area in client LMS
  • We now redirect to the previously requested URL after log-in (if present)
  • General improvements to application security
  • Various bug fixes

Release 20180913

  • Much improved LMS account recovery process

Release 20180713

  • Translated courses are now consolidated with their parents for a better user and client experience
  • Users can now ‘switch language preference’ from anywhere in the LMS (frontend)
  • More of the frontend LMS UI is now translated