Release notes

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Release 20180420

  • Performance improvements

Release 20180413

  • Performance improvements

Release 20180409

  • Adds ‘login_url’ to /users endpoint in client API
  • Various Bug fixes

Release 20180403

  • Adds course category column to LMS ‘Account / Credits & Subscriptions’ view
  • Improvements to how assessments are handled for branched courses

Release 20180329

  • Switch from JW Player to Video.js for video playback

Release 20180316

  • Switch to Amazon Web Services for alternate/fallback video CDN

Release 20180223

  • Various Bug fixes

Release 20180219

  • Numerous under the hood GDPR related tweaks

Release 20180131

  • LMS Admin Segments provide a means of giving LMS admins ‘restricted’ access
  • LMS now includes option to ‘disable’ unsubscribe links appended to automated emails
  • General housekeeping
  • Various Bug fixes

Release 20171213

  • Consolidated results summary now more accurately reflects actual result status
  • Various Bug fixes