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Communication Skills Training

Communication is a great skill for employees to adopt at an early stage of their careers and good communication is a skill that many organisations look for in an employee. This course will help employees to understand the benefits of effective communication.

10mSoft Skills

Confidence Building Training

Nearly all workers (98%) say they perform better when they feel confident. Our Confidence Building Training helps young employees to build their confidence but also recognise their own value and some exercises to help them practise their confidence. 

10mSoft Skills

Conflict Resolution Training

In just 30 minutes, our Conflict Resolution Training will help young employees understand the different kinds of conflict they might experience at work and what they can do to both prevent it and know to handle it if it does happen. 

30mSoft Skills

Critical Thinking Training

Thinking critically can help people and teams to diagnose problems and identify less obvious solutions. Our online course will help users to understand the benefits of critical thinking, what it is and how to practise it, and how to avoid thinking mistakes. 

15mSoft Skills

Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness training helps young employees understand what mindfulness is and how to practise it in a multitude of situations. This accredited course will demonstrate some mindfulness techniques and the benefits they can bring. 

10mSoft Skills

Problem Solving Training

The ability to solve problems is an essential part of any worker’s skillset, and for young employees, it's a great skill to demonstrate to a new employer. This Problem Solving Training will look at your thinking process and help users know how to pinpoint problems. 

10mSoft Skills

Recognising Your Value Training

Recognising your value is an essential part of knowing what you can bring to a team and what your reason for getting up in the morning is! This Recognising Your Value Training will teach users how to recognise the value in themselves, the benefits of doing so and the Japanese philosophy of Ikigai. 

10mSoft Skills

Resilience Training

57% of employers see resilience as a key skill for candidates. Our IOSH Approved Resilience Training is the perfect way to provide your staff with an introduction to resilience and also provide them a resilience toolkit. This course will also look at the 5 pillars of resilience. 

35mSoft Skills

Time Management Training

In just 25 minutes, users can complete our Time Management Training and know more about how they can manage their time effectively, the 80/20 theory, the time bandits you might encounter at work and some methods you can adopt to priorities your to-do list. 

25mSoft Skills

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Training

Our Equality & Diversity Training is a great course for all staff and educates employees on the protected characteristics, what prohibited behaviour is and the benefits of equality and diversity in the workplace.

60mHuman Resources

Unconscious Bias Training

In 30 minutes, our Unconscious Bias Training will help employees understand the common types, how the mind works to form these, how to reduce bias and the dangers of assumptions. This is a great course for young employees to help them challenge their unconscious biases from the start of their careers. 

30mHuman Resources

Stress Awareness & Management Training

Our Stress Awareness & Management Training is IOSH Approved and Skills for Care Endorsed. A great skill for young adults is to be able to recognise when they and others around them are stressed and how they can reduce and prevent stress with positive steps. 

30mHuman Resources

Mental Health Awareness Training

This IOSH Approved Mental Health Awareness Training is the perfect course to help employees recognise signs of mental ill-health in themselves and others, and provides them with tools and guidance for daily wellbeing management. 

40mHuman Resources

Managing Anxiety Training

Anxiety is very common in many young people. Our Managing Anxiety Training will help young (and all other age groups) employees to recognise what anxiety is, how it can affect people differently, how to approach anxious thoughts, and provides some useful CBT techniques. 

25mHuman Resources

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As someone who joined iHASCO as a young employee and has some younger members of the team in our Account Manager Team, I know just how important it is to upskill young employees. We often speak with Clients who also want to do the same, and want to provide their young employees with the skills they need to have long and successful careers.

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Your responsibilities with young employees

When employing a young person under the age of 18, whether for work, work experience, or as an apprentice, employers have the same responsibilities for their health, safety, and welfare as they do for other employees.

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