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Average score 4.8

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It was good

I liked how it was it bite size pieces so I can come back after a break to fully understand the information. The people were clearly spoken and the videos of the people doing the actions were also good for visual learning

Too narrow minded, not practical enough

Felt too focused on legislation and specifics but not practical enough. None of the questions at the end asked the participant what is and isnt an allergen. Sure I can label things really well, but you didn't check if I knew what I needed to include in that label


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Great course, highly recommend!

Very informative and helpful, well worth taking the time to complete

Thought the course was thorough .

The course was interesting and you could take your time to reflect on the questions to base them on the work we do every day.

Easy to follow and informative.

Found these courses to be very educational and very enjoyable to do. I it covers everything you need to know and allergies and food preparation and health and safety just name a few.

Beware of allergen to stay healthy

This allergy course made me aware that not every food item is beneficial for everyone. If food agencies, whether dealing with prepackaged food or any other type, make this course mandatory, we can create a healthier world. This course should also be compulsory in schools so that people can become aware of allergens.


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Don’t like courses but it was okay.

The course was explained in way I could understand.


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