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Too narrow minded, not practical enough

Felt too focused on legislation and specifics but not practical enough. None of the questions at the end asked the participant what is and isnt an allergen. Sure I can label things really well, but you didn't check if I knew what I needed to include in that label

Not the best course

Every time I stopped I couldn't just resume from where I left off. I felt like I had to watch several parts 3 times over... Until I realised I could skip bits. Probably could make this much clearer or actually resume from the place you left.

26 minsof the course were unnecessary

This course was allocated to me as a School Visit leader. There is no requirement for me to know how I should label packaged food or prepare food for sale. I do need to be aware of the allergens, where to find out what food contains allergens and how to manage these with the individuals in my care on the visit, but not how to "manage a professional food preparation area"

Kept repeating

Multiple clips repeated themselves with an unnecessary ‘take a break’ clip halfway through. Information is good but boring way of teaching

Pace of the session was too slow

The session was slow and there was no option to speed the vocal up. There was no option to tab to the next slide/video until the person had finished talking but I was able to read the text faster than what was being spoken. The course did not always tab forward when pressing next, sometimes it went backwards and then slides had to be repeated. This was quite frustrating to be honest.

Like most online training far too long w

No summary provided


Try to make you choose the wrong question to confusing

No context on some questions

‘’If oil has been used to cook fish, can you then use it to cook chips too?‘’ yes or no?No context given in this question. What do you think fish and chip shops do?

Doesn't apply

We don't sell any food at work at 02 Southampton let alone prepare any so why do I have to do irrelevant training?

A bit rubbish

This was a bit rubbish, very long and uninspiring. I read the transcripts to try and avoid listening to the person taking so much but was unable to skip the video I had to listen to it as well even though I had already read the content.


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