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Average score 4.8

2146 reviews

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Good refresher course

However i do find the way some of the questions are worded could be better


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I work in a small cafe and Wanted to know more about how to prepare and clean up afterwards on tuna sandwiches, and hazelnut drinks.

Good course

If you accidentally miss a question/ part you cannot see which part you have missed. You have to go right through it again until you find it.

Could be more disability friendly

It would be really helpful if it was possible to adjust the playback speed on the videos to accommodate for auditory processing difficulties. Regardless of if you could benefit from playing it slower or slightly faster it could help with information retention.

Content useful but the tone is dull

Course content was useful and helpful to a point. the tone of the presenters is dull and creates issues with concentration, videos are effective

Test questions could be asked after each

No summary provided

too basic

Very basic compared to other food allergy awareness training I have done.

annoying voice and pointless 2 slides

really need to keep the questions and multiple choice on the same slide as flicking back and forth is irritating; almost enough to make me just close my laptop and leave, and the voice of the older lady really grates on you again something you don't want when you really don't want to the H&S training (i realise this is a personal preference)

Far too basic.

A video used to highlight using the correct chopping board for the correct food, portrayed a chef chopping cooked octopus on a blue raw fish chopping board…….this needs to be addressed !


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