Food Allergy Awareness Training Reviews

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Average score 4.8

2146 reviews

  • 89% 5
  • 7% 4
  • 3% 3
  • 1% 2
  • 0% 1
Don’t like courses but it was okay.

The course was explained in way I could understand.

Good course

I thought it was a good course covered all the important topics in a short space of time, some of the questions along the way were asked before the information was given which confused me a bit to start with

It was a lot of information to take in

I found it useful and was surprised on how much there was to learn about Allergy awarenessA few of the test questions were tricky to answer and I guessed the answer correctly

Accurate information

Larger font needed

helpful and straight forward.

No summary provided


No summary provided

informative and too the point

Training has sufficient material for the topics that need to be covered. The only barrier I found is that if we want to go back and listen to a particular slide, then it does not allow you to jump back to where you left. E.g. If I am on slide 10 and want to go back and see or listen something on slide 5, then after revisiting slide 5, it does not allow you to go straight back to slide 10, which is frustrating and time consuming.

Very captivating

The short videos kept left me more engaged as opposed to a long video, with the short videos it made it easy to pick and stop what I was doing to intake all the information that was given to me

Video too long

Each sections videos are too long and you are unable to fast forward through them.

Some content confusing.

Comprehensive content clearly explained in an easy to understand and logical order.


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