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Fire Awareness Training in Education

Every organisation is legally required to supply their staff with Fire Awareness Training and schools are no exception. It’s incredibly important that all school staff understand their responsibilities when it comes to dealing with and preventing fires.

35mHealth & Safety

DSE Training (Display Screen Equipment)

While not all school staff use display screen equipment, it’s incredibly important (A legal requirement in fact!) that all staff who do receive adequate DSE training. 

30mHealth & Safety

KCSIE (2022) Online Training - FREE*

Every member of school staff is legally required to read part 1 of the KCSIE guidance. Our course provides a simple way of tracking who has and who hasn’t read the guidance.

GDPR EU Training

Primary and secondary schools hold some of the most sensitive data surrounding pupils and their families. It’s crucial that anyone who handles sensitive data in a school is trained in GDPR and understands their responsibilities.

35mBusiness Compliance

Accident Reporting Training

Should an accident happen in the workplace, it is crucial that it is recorded and reported in order to improve safety and prevent accidents of a similar nature from happening again.

15mHealth & Safety

Anaphylaxis & Allergy Training for Schools & Carers

Our CPD Accredited & IIRSM Approved Anaphylaxis & Allergy Training course was designed for the use of anyone who cares for a child with an allergy.

40mHealth & Safety

Diabetes Training for Schools & Carers

The UK has the world's fifth-highest rate of type 1 diabetes in children. This diabetes training is the perfect course for primary schools.

40mHealth & Safety

Asthma Training for Schools & Carers

With 1 in 11 children in the UK with asthma, it is highly likely that if you work in the education sector, you will be in the presence of a child with asthma.

50mHealth & Safety

Epilepsy Training for Schools & Carers

1 in 220 children in the UK has epilepsy, so it’s likely that at least one child in a primary school and even more in secondary schools will have the condition. Understand the triggers and how to effectively deal with epileptic fits.

45mHealth & Safety

Bullying & Harassment Training

More than 1 in 3 people who report being bullied at work leave their job as a result of it. Our CPD Accredited course can be completed in just 15 minutes.

25mHuman Resources

Asbestos Awareness Training

84% of UK schools still contain a form of Asbestos and over 300 teachers have died from mesothelioma since 1980. Make sure your staff are aware of the dangers and know how to react should Asbestos be disturbed.

35mHealth & Safety

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Schools are often targeted by cyber criminals because of the sensitive information they hold on their systems. Make sure your staff understand best practices and understand how to prevent cyber attacks.

35mBusiness Compliance

First Aid at Work Refresher Training

Every organisation requires first-aiders and it is strongly recommended that they receive refresher training annually, in-between their practical training.

80mHealth & Safety

First Aid Appointed Person Training

Every workplace should have at least one First Aid Appointed Person. Within this course, we detail the roles and responsibilities of this individual and explain what to do in the case of emergencies, accidents or injuries.

20mHealth & Safety

FGM Awareness & Prevention Training

Our FGM Awareness & Prevention Training course provides information on how to identify signs of potential FGM and teaches you how to intervene if you believe a child is going to be subjected to the procedure.

20mHuman Resources

Fire Warden Training in Education

We have created a fire warden training course specifically for the Education sector. It’s the ideal refresher training for your dedicated fire wardens.

100mHealth & Safety

Food Hygiene Level 2 Training Course

Anyone who handles, prepares or sells food must receive adequate food safety training. Our level 2 training course builds on level 1 training and is the perfect bitesize course for your staff dealing with foodstuffs.

70mHealth & Safety

Medication Awareness Training for Schools

This medication awareness training is the perfect course to support practical training. Learn how to look after children who self medicate, how to handle an emergency and covertly administrator medication. 

40mHealth & Safety

Mental Health Awareness Training for Education Professionals

47% of education professionals have experienced depression, anxiety or panic attacks due to their work. Raise awareness of mental ill-health with our course designed specifically for the education sector.

40mHuman Resources

Prevent Duty Training

Teach your staff how to prevent children from being drawn into terrorism and radicalisation with our CPD Accredited Prevent Duty course.

25mHuman Resources

School Trips Training (For Organisers & Support)

Any school staff involved in school trips should understand how to plan a school trip, with a strong focus on Health & Safety. Our school trips training is IIRSM approved and can be completed in just 45 minutes.

45mHealth & Safety

Stress Awareness & Management Training

With over 400,000 reported cases of work-related stress each year, more and more companies are recognising the need for staff to undertake stress awareness training, particularly schools whose staff are more susceptible to stress.

30mHuman Resources

HACCP Training Level 2

Any companies that produce, handle, retail, or distribute consumable products must legally implement HACCP as a food safety management system. Our course helps users to put HACCP principles into practice at work.

35mHealth & Safety

Food Allergy Awareness Training

This Food Allergy Awareness Training course gives the user an understanding of what allergens are, the laws surrounding them and how to avoid cross-contamination.

35mHealth & Safety

GDPR in Education Training

This GDPR UK in Education Training course is designed for all education workers who handle data. The course helps users understand their responsibilities under current legislation and helps them to keep children's data safe.

40mBusiness Compliance

Safeguarding Children Training

This Safeguarding Children Training course helps the user understand the 4 ‘R’s of child protection and explains the importance of reporting and recording circumstances or evidence of abuse.

60mHealth & Safety

Safer Recruitment in Education Training

This Safer Recruitment in Education Training course was designed for all recruiting staff or volunteers to provide them with the skills they need to find suitable applicants to work with children or vulnerable adults.

50mHuman Resources

School Trips Training for Management

This School Trips Training for Management course covers the responsibilities of management, risk assessments for school trips, and the costs & consent in relation to school trips.

30mHealth & Safety Management

Slips, Trips and Falls Prevention Training

This Slips, Trips and Falls Prevention Training course helps the user understand how to minimise the risks of slipping, tripping, and falling, whilst also helping them work towards compliance with current legislation.

30mHealth & Safety

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