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57 reviews

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Very long

A very time-consuming way of imparting information, all of which any qualified teacher, following school procedures should know.I am very surprised that your presenter donned a beret and then a sombrero when dealing with foreign trips. This appeared to be lazy racial stereotyping.

Time-consuming for learning benefits

I would suggest starting with the test to find out prior knowledge and then only showing the relevant clips. This is a standard learning / training model.

bit too generic

covers key ideas, but more specific examples would be good. Or more scenarios given as you are going along where we pick key options. For example, with remote supervision some examples could be given of a good approach, vs a 'too remote' approach.

It was very informative

No summary provided

It was very informative

The course was very informative and it made few points quite clear. It sets out clear steps of how trips should be arranged and what are the main issues/points that are needed to be taken into consideration. It was also very helpful as we have been through COVID and no trips were arranged during this time. It makes one to think more about what is involved in arranging trips and how to arrange a beneficial and safe trip for students.

A good refresher

A quick and easy guide to arranging trips and visits with a quick simple test at the end

Very useful

No summary provided


It was ok

not entirely relevant

If we could do a pre-test to check prior knowledge this was be a better use of my time. Much of this was irrelevant to my organisation of KS1 trips.

Too long

Could of been shortened. Much was not relevant to the context I teach in (private 6th form college) I didn't like the emphasis at the beginning about location.

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