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Average score 4.2

75 reviews

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I'd have liked a checklist

No summary provided

good initial info for organising trips

No summary provided

Very well constructed training video.

With constant Government updates to policies, a very welcome addition to staff team toolbox.

Common sense

I think it was too long and really just discussed lots of common sense approaches. This would be good if you are brand new to a school but if you are experienced and been on many trips you will already be familiar with the procedures and techniques. I was hoping for more specific instruction in terms of say writing a detailed risk assessment .

Course content is out of date

The course content needs updating after Brexit as non EU pupils from overseas with a visa to study in the UK cannot travel to mainland Europe using the British Council's List of Travellers. eg pupils from Kenya at boarding school in the UK need separate visa to visit Spain.

Easy and useful

Detailed and very helpful guide to planning trips

Good presentation, clear diction.

No summary provided

Relevant, concise, accessible.

No summary provided

Very long

A very time-consuming way of imparting information, all of which any qualified teacher, following school procedures should know.I am very surprised that your presenter donned a beret and then a sombrero when dealing with foreign trips. This appeared to be lazy racial stereotyping.

Time-consuming for learning benefits

I would suggest starting with the test to find out prior knowledge and then only showing the relevant clips. This is a standard learning / training model.


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