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Far too long

No summary provided

Common sense

I think it was too long and really just discussed lots of common sense approaches. This would be good if you are brand new to a school but if you are experienced and been on many trips you will already be familiar with the procedures and techniques. I was hoping for more specific instruction in terms of say writing a detailed risk assessment .

Course content is out of date

The course content needs updating after Brexit as non EU pupils from overseas with a visa to study in the UK cannot travel to mainland Europe using the British Council's List of Travellers. eg pupils from Kenya at boarding school in the UK need separate visa to visit Spain.

bit too generic

covers key ideas, but more specific examples would be good. Or more scenarios given as you are going along where we pick key options. For example, with remote supervision some examples could be given of a good approach, vs a 'too remote' approach.

not entirely relevant

If we could do a pre-test to check prior knowledge this was be a better use of my time. Much of this was irrelevant to my organisation of KS1 trips.

Too long

Could of been shortened. Much was not relevant to the context I teach in (private 6th form college) I didn't like the emphasis at the beginning about location.

Very basic

As an experienced trip planner there was little, to no new information for me. Some of it was fairly condescending...e.g. why a coach might be useful! It was clearly presented and in manageable chunks. Once completing I felt confident to do the test.

I would hope most teachers know this

Would have been better to do primary and secondary separately,

A lot of unnecessary information.

Too many time consuming videos.

A lot not relevant and basic

Videos were rather monotonous and time consuming particularly when a class based teacher. Yes important but limited time available and must be better ways to present the relevant info. A lot was very basic and obvious almost teaching us 'to suck eggs'. Key points only needed.


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