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It was ling winded and repeated itself quite a few times. The information, however, was interesting in parts.


Far too long, and more propaganda than educational

too long and not specific enough

The course was too long in general and would benefit from being workplace specific earlier in the content.

I felt this was preaching

Some excellent content in here, well presented, then turned in to a preaching session, about not eating meat etc. and I felt it was telling not advising - just my view, just didn't appreciate it.


Good, but simplistic and in some cases inaccurate (eg, recycled paper is often more expensive than virgin). Aimed at the individual rather than corporate manager (who can, eg, negotiate product shipment dates to take advantage of consolidated deliveries). The question about 1 glass bottle recycled saving the energy to power a lightbulb for 4 hours, is that a 'traditional' lightbulb or a modern low-energy LED bulb? Because if the latter, it's a tiny amount of energy!

A bit to much information

Some good content but maybe more suitable for the class room. The subject is great and very important, hence worthwhile.

A bit too preachy, more practical please

No summary provided

Generally known information

Generally known information, cruel photo of dead animals

Information OK, test too easy

The information supplied in the video's is thoughtful information that gets the person thinking about how themselves and their company make an impact on the world. The test afterwards is far too easy, some of the questions are 2 answer multiple choice with 1 clearly wrong answer. Doesn't get the brain thinking about what the videos were explaining

Competent but uninspiring

Covered the basics of the very real climate catastrophe we are experiencing but was overly simplistic and did not emphasize the consequences of doing nothing. Overall tone came across as slightly patronising.

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