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Fire Awareness Training

Every member of staff in any workplace requires Fire Awareness Training by law. Our course is IOSH approved and CPD accredited for your total reassurance.

30mHealth & Safety

DSE Training (Display Screen Equipment)

DSE Training is a legal requirement for anyone who regularly uses display screen equipment. Our course is IOSH approved for your reassurance.

30mHealth & Safety

GDPR Training

Veterinary practices often hold large amounts of sensitive data on animal owners. Make sure your staff understand their responsibilities under the GDPR with our CPD accredited course.

35mBusiness Compliance

Accident Reporting Training

Prevention is always better than cure, but should an accident happen it’s crucial that it is recorded properly in order to prevent accidents of a similar nature from recurring.

15mHealth & Safety

First Aid at Work Refresher Training

It’s strongly recommended that all first-aiders receive refresher training on a yearly basis and practical training is legally required at 3 year intervals. This training has been created for that exact purpose.

80mHealth & Safety

First Aid Appointed Person Training

Every workplace should have at least one First Aid Appointed Person but this depends on the number of staff and working environments. Make sure your appointed person(s) understand their responsibilities and duties with our RoSPA Approved course.

20mHealth & Safety

Fire Warden Training (Marshal)

It is vital that all organisations have an emergency plan in case of a fire, and it is a fire warden’s job to understand and ensure this can be carried out safely. This course provides the user with all the information to become a qualified Fire Warden.

40mHealth & Safety

Manual Handling Training

Incorrect handling causes around 21% of all non-fatal workplace injuries. Veterinary professionals often carry out manual handling tasks daily, therefore should be taught how to lift safely with our IOSH approved course.

35mHealth & Safety

Moving and Handling People Training

Make sure your staff understand how crucial planning is when lifting someone, the risks associated with moving and handling and how it can affect posture if done incorrectly with our Moving & Handling training.

55mHealth & Safety

COSHH Training

All staff in veterinary practices must know how to safely handle and use substances hazardous to health as it’s likely that they’ll come into contact with them on a regular basis.

25mHealth & Safety

Slips, Trips and Falls Prevention Training

37% of all reported workplace injuries are a result of a slip, trip or a fall. Prevent them from happening with our IOSH approved Slips, Trips and Falls prevention training.

30mHealth & Safety

Spill Kit Training: Bodily Fluids

Give staff an understanding of what a spill kit contains and how to effectively deal with a spill all whilst showing commitment to the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002.

15mHealth & Safety

Spill Kit Training: Chemicals & Oils

Spilled chemicals and oils can pose a large risk to people and the environment. Teach your staff how to deal with them effectively with this training course.

20mHealth & Safety

Sharps Training

Injuries from sharps contaminated with blood can transmit more than 20 diseases. It’s crucial that staff understand how to prevent injuries and how to dispose of sharps correctly.

20mHealth & Safety

Infection Prevention and Control Training

It’s crucial that staff understand how to prevent infections from spreading in veterinary practices. Our training is CPD accredited and IIRSM approved for your reassurance.

40mHealth & Safety

Mental Health Awareness Training

Many people in the veterinary community are experiencing symptoms that indicate probable clinical depression and/or anxiety. Raise awareness amongst staff with this CPD accredited and IOSH approved course.

40mHuman Resources

Communication Skills Training

This Communication Skills Training course assists users in understanding the benefits associated with effective communication skills in the workplace.

10mSoft Skills

Resilience Training

This Resilience Training course provides learners with the tools and information they need to build their resilience, which is particularly useful to help those in periods of change and facing personal challenges.

35mSoft Skills

Spill Kit Training: Bodily Fluids

This Spill Kit (Bodily Fluids) Training course provides the user with an understanding of how to best clean up a spill of any bodily fluids to stop it from spreading further.

15mHealth & Safety

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