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Fire Awareness Training

All staff legally require Fire Awareness Training under UK legislation. Our IOSH approved training can be completed in as little as 30 minutes and provides an easy way of working towards legislative compliance.

30mHealth & Safety

DSE Training (Display Screen Equipment)

All regular DSE (Display Screen Equipment) users legally require DSE Training. Our IOSH Approved DSE Training can be completed in just 25 minutes and contains a DSE Risk Assessment.

30mHealth & Safety

Manual Handling Training

Incorrect handling, lifting and carrying causes around 21% of all non-fatal workplace injuries. Our IOSH Approved Manual Handling Training can be completed in just 35 minutes and is our best-selling course.

35mHealth & Safety

Fire Warden Training (Marshal)

Every organisation legally requires Fire Warden(s). Our IOSH Approved Fire Warden Training is the perfect course to refresh Fire Warden knowledge and help work towards compliance with the Fire Safety Order 2005.

40mHealth & Safety

Emergency First Aid at Work Training - Refresher

It is strongly recommended that First Aiders complete refresher training at yearly intervals in between their practical training. Our CPD Accredited First Aid at Work Training can be completed in just over an hour.

50mHealth & Safety

Risk Assessment Training

You must make sure that risk assessments are carried out on a regular basis; they are one of the simplest ways of preventing accidents from happening within the workplace. Our Risk Assessment Course comes with a free risk assessment tool and can be completed online in just 35 minutes.

30mHealth & Safety Management

GDPR EU Training

Anyone who handles personal data should receive GDPR training. Understand how the GDPR affects your role and complete our CPD accredited course in just 35 minutes.

35mBusiness Compliance

GDPR Advanced (Management) Training

Our GDPR advanced is perfect for anyone who enforces and/or manages data protection in a workplace. 

65mBusiness Compliance Management

Fraud Awareness and Prevention Training

This Fraud Awareness and Prevention Training looks at the signs of fraud, what to do if you encounter it and how to effectively raise awareness of fraud. It’s CPD Accredited and takes just 35 minutes to complete.

35mBusiness Compliance

Cyber Security Awareness Training

With the reliance businesses have on modern technology, it is vital that staff are familiar with best Cyber Security practices. This course Cyber Security Awareness course is approved by CPD to assure you of its quality.

35mBusiness Compliance

Modern Slavery Training

There are more slaves in the world today than ever before (21 million). This Modern Slavery Course is suitable for all levels of staff. It provides knowledge on Modern Slavery, how to handle it and how to report it in and around the workplace.

25mBusiness Compliance Management

Whistleblowing Training

With 1 in 10 UK workers claiming that they have been witness to some possible form of corruption, wrongdoing or malpractice in the last two years, workers need to know when an issue should be reported, and understand the right processes when reporting it.

15mBusiness Compliance

Environmental Awareness Training

Our CPD Accredited & IOSH Approved Environmental Awareness Training course was designed for anybody. The course sections cover how the environment is changing, being sustainable, and how all workplaces have a major impact on the environment.

45mBusiness Compliance

Sexual Harassment Awareness Training

This Sexual Harassment Awareness course has been created to raise awareness and to provide valuable tools and information to help you identify, prevent and remove sexual harassment from the workplace.

20mHuman Resources

Mental Health Awareness Training

Poor mental health is responsible for almost 13% of all sickness absence days in the UK. Our course raises awareness of the different types of ill-mental health and provides tools and guidance for daily wellbeing management. It's a great way of removing the stigma surrounding the subject.

40mHuman Resources

Safeguarding Children Training

This Safeguarding Children course covers the 4 Rs of protecting children to help you better understand the safeguarding process. With more children than ever suffering abuse in hidden view, it is becoming increasingly more important for people working with children to have adequate safeguarding training.

60mHealth & Safety

Safeguarding Adults - Level 2 Training

This Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Course is ideal for those who work with, support or help adults who have vulnerabilities. It looks in great detail at the forms of abuse, who are more likely to be at risk of abuse and how to successfully deal with abuse, with a focus on The Care Act 2014 and other relevant legislation. It can be completed online in as little as 35 minutes.

50mHealth & Safety

First Aid Appointed Person Training

This First Aid Appointed Person Training course helps the user to understand their responsibilities as a First Aid Appointed Person, whilst also teaching them how to properly deal with an emergency.

20mHealth & Safety

GDPR Training

This GDPR UK Essentials Training course can be used by any level of employee who handles personal data and helps them understand their responsibilities under the legislation.

35mBusiness Compliance

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