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Our latest approvals from IOSH and IIRSM

Our latest approvals from IOSH and IIRSM

Here at iHASCO, we don't want to provide you with training for the sake of "ticking a box". We strive to offer our users the best training experience they've ever had!

We understand that from an outside view, it could look like we are biased towards our training, so we go out of our way to ensure that our courses get independently audited by as many recognised authorities as possible. This way, you can know for sure that the quality of our training courses is legitimate!

With that said, this August, some of our courses have gained additional approvals from IOSH and IIRSM.

Our new IOSH Approved courses include:

  1. Food Safety & Hygiene Level 1 Training (V2)
  2. Food Safety & Hygiene Level 2 Training (V2)
  3. Essential Health and Safety Training (V2)
  4. Managing Anxiety Training
  5. Resilience Training
  6. Returning to Work (during/after COVID-19) Training
  7. Return to Work Training

Our new IIRSM Approved courses include:

  1. Accident Reporting Training
  2. Emergency First Aid at Work Training - Refresher
  3. First Aid at Work Training - Refresher
  4. Health & Safety Training for Managers & Supervisors
  5. Whistleblowing Training

It is also worth noting that we have retired both Food Safety & Hygiene Level 1 & 2 Training (V1). Clients who have already purchased these courses will be migrated to the new version.