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Average score 4.4

1886 reviews

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  • 9% 3
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Course is ok

I’ve done this before and I’m glad that people are working to protect the invirement

very enlightning

Nice Roll out

The course was easy to understand

I found the course very interesting and has made me think about the environment especially changes we could make within the workplace without to much intervention - I may also be popping out at some point to buy a nice plant to go in the office like we used to have !

really interesting subject

Increased my awareness of the impact we all have on the environment,

Nice and simple

Easy to follow and also very interesting. I enjoyed it, thank you


really enjoyed the course. Great description and easy to understand.


Very poor grasp of importance of grazing livestock and permanent pasture being better in fact than trees at carbon capture, just copying blindly, please search tff resources

Much too Long

Could have been much shorter git bored half way through waste of time

The course is quite basic.

More details needed and different practical scenarios and workplace setups in relation to environmental sustainability.

Very informative and focuses the mind!

I think most of think, 'what difference will that make' when considering environmental issues i.e. developing countries' use of energy vs developed nations (who also drive gas-guzzlers and waste fuel/energy) but having watched this, it really is a personal decision in terms of what kind of person you want to be and how you feel about the planet - I will certainly put more of these learnings into practice and think more carefully about how my energy consumption affects the environment and biodiversity.

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