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Bite size learning, relevant and useful

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Thank you

The subject was very interesting.

The "Emotional Intelligence Training" was not a topic I was familiar with previously. I found the training to be very interesting. The narrator for the course was easy to follow and her presentations were clearly explained, I have taken notes of the key points and will hope to use them at work in the future. Many thanks


This course was more confirmation of what I knew already, so given a neutral score.

A simple intro

Having taught EI for many years, this was a simple introduction to a topic which is of increasing importance to the world of work and relationships across both our personal and professional lives.

Very informative.

Lots of good resources available for further reference.


Good information given

It helps you process your thought

Emotional Intelligence is important in one's day to day life. its helps with one's self-awareness and self control. going through the training , i realise how necessary it is to have the ability to genuinely understand and share the emotions of other people. perhaps your colleagues. i enjoyed the training and so many aspect of one's day to day routine at work and outside work does resonate.


I was expecting to do a test at the end of the 11 minute training. I think an 11 minute training is irrelevant as with these things we need in depth training to focus on what the end questions are asking us.

Very interesting

learnt another skill today EI! You don't have to be clever to have this, not necessarily born with it but we can all gain it. Will find this useful.


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