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Fire Awareness Training in Care

This course was designed specifically for all staff working in the care sector. It covers topics such as the nature of fire, types of fire signage, the hazards fire poses, what to do if you discover a fire, and the types of fire extinguishers.

45mHealth & Safety

Fire Warden Training in Care

This course was made for employees working in the care sector looking to become their organisations' fire warden. It covers a range of subjects such as an introduction to the basics of being a fire warden, preventive measures, and relevant legislation.

75mHealth & Safety

Safeguarding Adults - Level 2 Training

This course was designed for anyone who works with, helps, or supports adults at risk. The course is broken down into 3 sections which cover an understanding of safeguarding, types of abuse, and how to deal with abuse.

50mHealth & Safety

Safeguarding Children Training

This course was created for workers and volunteers that come into contact with children. It is broken down into 5 sections that cover the definition of safeguarding, recognising abuse in children, how to respond to that abuse, reporting your concerns, and recording observations.

60mHealth & Safety

Assessing Mental Capacity Training

This course is a guide to the process of testing one's mental capacity in order to determine whether they are safe to make their own decisions. It's broken down into easily-digestible sections that cover the Mental Capacity Act 2005.

40mHuman Resources

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) Training

This course breaks down the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards 2009 act into 4 simple sections. They cover what the act is, authorising a Deprivation of Liberty, the safeguards, and the importance of keeping records.

30mHuman Resources

Medication Awareness Training for Care

This course is targeted at care workers and those who work in care homes. It is broken down into 3 simple sections that cover the policies and law surrounding administering medication, the types of medication, and how to administer medication safely.

30mHealth & Safety

Infection Prevention & Control in Care Training

This course was made for all staff at any level. The course is broken down into 5 sections that cover infections in the workplace, the chain of infection, best hygiene practices, the types of a common infection, and your responsibilities.

35mHealth & Safety

Moving and Handling People Training

This course was designed for anybody who works in the care sector and regularly has to move and handle people. The course is broken down into sections that cover how to look after your back, preparing yourself to lift someone and the process of moving & lifting.

55mHealth & Safety

Slips, Trips and Falls Prevention Training

This course was made for all staff so they can understand why slips, trips, and falls happen, and what to do to prevent them. The course is broken down into 4 sections that cover staff responsibilities, how to avoid slips & trips, how to avoid falls and a concluding section.

30mHealth & Safety

First Aid Appointed Person Training

This course was designed for all levels of staff. The two course sections break down health & safety requirements and explain how to deal with an emergency.

20mHealth & Safety

Mental Health, Dementia and Learning Disabilities in Care Training

This course was designed to help break the stigma surrounding mental-ill health in the care industry. This industry-specific course was made in light of the statistic that workers in the care sector have a suicide rate almost twice as high as the national average.

35mHuman Resources

Spill Kit Training: Bodily Fluids

This online course equips people with the knowledge of how to best clean up a spill of any bodily fluids to stop it from spreading further. If you encounter a spill you should protect yourself first. Some workplaces will have different size spill kits available.

15mHealth & Safety

Sharps Training

This online course focuses on the dangers associated with using Sharps. Sharps waste is a type of hazardous waste, with 16 billion injections administered in & out hospitals worldwide, we need to make sure they are disposed of correctly. 

20mHealth & Safety

Emergency First Aid at Work Training - Refresher

Our Emergency First Aid at Work training course is the perfect refresher for emergency first aiders. This IIRSM approved course covers the primary survey, secondary survey and essential first aid treatment. Users will also learn about their roles and responsibilities. 

50mHealth & Safety

Mental Health Awareness Training for Carers and Nurses

For those working in Care, mental health awareness training is an essential course that not only raises awareness of mental ill-health and breaks the stigma surrounding it, but also provides users will a wellbeing toolkit to help them better look after their mental health. 

40mHuman Resources

Risk Assessment Training

Our IOSH approved Risk Assessment Training is an essential part of any workplace. Users will learn what risks are, the difference between hazards and risk, and the benefits that risk assessments bring to the workplace. We will also provide users with a free online risk assessment tool. 

30mHealth & Safety Management

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Care staff are required to have a strong understanding of a number of topics so they can complete their day-to-day tasks safely and efficiently. Our short online care worker training courses are an ideal solution to cover this wide range of topics in a short period of time.

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Frequently asked questions

All care workers must complete mandatory training before starting working with patients directly. This training covers more specialist topics like first aid, safeguarding, and infection prevention but care workers also need to be trained on mandatory health and safety topics too, such as fire awareness and manual handling/moving and handling of people. All care workers must have the right skills, training, and approach to deal with the role's requirements. All care workers must be fully trained and well-equipped to handle any situation that may arise.
It is essential that mandatory training is completed before starting working in a care home. This training covers a spectrum of crucial topics such as (but not limited to) Health and Safety Awareness, Food Hygiene/Food Safety, Manual Handling or/and Moving and Handling of People, Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Safeguarding Children, Infection Prevention and Control and Emergency First Aid at Work to name a few.
In addition to formal training, care workers also need to have the right skillset. Good communication and interpersonal skills are a must, as is the ability to stay calm under pressure. Organisation skills are also important, as care workers often have to juggle multiple tasks at once.
The most important qualities of a care worker are Empathy, Patience, and Dedication. You need to put yourself in the patient's position and try to understand their needs. You must be patient, compassionate, and willing to go the extra mile to meet the needs of your patients.