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In light of Boris Johnson’s announcement on the 22nd of September, UK office workers have been encouraged to return to working from home, much of the hospitality industry has been given a 22:00 closing time (along with other restrictions), the use of face coverings has been expanded, and, of course, last week saw the rule-of-6 being enforced (with additional and varying rules for Scotland, Wales & Ireland). These restrictions may last ‘perhaps 6 months’ the Prime Minister says. This will unfortunately cause further setbacks for many and that’s why we’ve decided to put all of our COVID-19 resources in one place. Throughout lockdown, we were able to continue supporting our fantastic clients and we’ll be on hand to do so for however long we find ourselves in this difficult period. 

We have provided you with courses, white papers/checklists, blogs, and resources to help you to adjust to the new (and already existing) rules and restrictions.

Our courses:

Returning to Work (during & after COVID-19) Training - to help employees that are transitioning back to work during COVID-19.

Infection Prevention & Control Training - give your staff confidence that infection prevention and control is taken seriously in your organisation and provide them with the knowledge to look after themselves and others around them. 

Risk Assessment Training - employers now have to complete a COVID-19 risk assessment before employees can return to work. Our training explains why & when risks should be recorded and provides you with a free risk assessment tool.

Effective Remote Working Training - to help employees manage their time effectively and productively, help them to understand the importance of creating a productive workspace and the importance of communication. 

Resilience Training - providing employees with tools and tips to build resilience to tackle periods of change that can affect wellbeing and personal challenges. 

Mental Health Awareness - reminding staff that mental health and physical health are of equal importance. This course will equip employees with the tools to manage their day to day wellbeing, recognise signs of mental ill-health and when they (or someone else) may need further support.

Managing Anxiety Training - as anxiety levels increase during these uncertain times, it’s important to provide your employees with ideas and techniques to reduce these feelings and help manage them. 

Resources, White Papers & Checklists:

Homeworking & Remote Working:

Returning to Work:

Mental Health & Wellbeing



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