About Majestic Bingo and their training

Majestic Bingo use a wide range of eLearning courses from our library. Their Health & Safety courses include Fire Warden training, Food Hygiene, and DSE to help keep staff safe, many of which are in customer-facing roles. They have also recently introduced HR Compliance courses such as Mental Health Awareness and Equality & Diversity to train and develop their leaders within the business. 

We caught up with James Taylor, HR Director at Majestic Bingo Limited, to talk about all things training, Health & Safety, and compliance…

  • Sector: Private Sector
  • Founded: 2014
  • No. of employees: 250+
  • Location: United Kingdom

Why is staff training important for you at Majestic Bingo?

Training at Majestic Bingo is a key part for both our existing team and new employees, not only for them to be aware of the requirements for the role they undertake but also to keep themselves, their colleagues, and our customers safe.  As a diverse organisation with varied roles – all the way through from bingo callers to receptionists, food & beverage team members, and cleaners, we have to ensure the work they do is compliant and they have a good grasp of the requirements for the role they do. We have a great team of around 250 people who work hard to deliver a fun and friendly service to our customers and remaining safe & compliant is something that is non-negotiable. Training for us isn’t about just completing a course, but is part of working life and something we expect our teams to put into practice every day.

How do you use iHASCO as part of your training strategy?

We have worked with iHASCO as one of our training partners for over 10 years now to ensure the lion’s share of the Health and Safety training is done to the level we require as a customer-facing business. In more recent times we have used the additional courses they have developed to train our leaders on things such as mental health awareness, bullying & harassment, and equal opportunities. The Level 3 Food Hygiene course will save us a considerable amount of money compared to our previous provider too!

What made you choose iHASCO? Did anything stand out above all else?

We chose iHASCO for a number of reasons; 

1. The quality of training materials 

2. The breadth of courses and training they offer 

3. The friendly service from their team 

...and finally but equally as important, the reasonable pricing they offer! In a world where we can find a supplier where quality, service, and price come together in a single place, then for us, it’s a winning combination to be a partner with iHASCO.