About NAWT

NAWT are completely reliant on donations from the public to fund their work. They have over 130 employees and over 350 volunteers across their 6 rehoming centres and 3 shops in the South of England in Berkshire, Bedfordshire, Cornwall, Essex, Hertfordshire and Somerset.

The NAWT use iHASCO for a mix of Health and Safety and HR Compliance training courses, including Customer Service TrainingFire Awareness TrainingManual Handling, and many more! By using our training library, NAWT have found that managing Health and Safety in their rehoming centres and shops has become much easier on a day-to-day basis.

NAWT have been on board with us since 2009, so it’s safe to say that NAWT know us and our course library pretty well! We caught up with Clare Williams, the CEO of NAWT to find out about her experience with iHASCO...

  • Sector: Charity / Non Profit
  • Founded: 1971
  • No. of employees: 130+
  • Location: South East & West, UK

What made you choose iHASCO?

"We started with iHASCO as a low cost and effective way to meet our Health and Safety training needs. Last year we found the GDPR courses an efficient way to ensure all staff received the correct training. Most recently we have found other more HR based courses useful to address our responsibilities for managing mental health and stress, conflict resolution (signing over or rehoming an animal can be a very emotionally charged situation) and customer service.

As a relatively small organisation where every penny counts, cost was an important feature, but also the fact that with 6 locations across the south of England we knew every employee would receive the same training, and consistency in training delivery is important to us. When we started with iHASCO we were using the DVDs but now everything is online it makes it more accessible and easier to monitor and review."

What's your favourite iHASCO feature?

"Lisa Godding of course, as she is an excellent account manager (and no she didn't pay me to say that!). For me the other best part about iHASCO is that it is cost effective and so easy to use. You can keep an overview of every employee's training no matter where they are located and know they are getting good quality training, meaning we are meeting our legal responsibilities."