About the London Academy of Excellence

The LAE use a wide range of iHASCO Health & Safety courses to help work towards compliance with legislation and most importantly, keep their staff and pupils safe at all times. They also use a range of our HR Compliance Courses as a simple yet engaging way of getting staff to understand key principles of various different areas of HR compliance, including the GDPR and Safeguarding.

LAE Tottenham have been a happy client since the start of the development work at White Hart Lane back in 2017 and we caught up with Paul Martin, Business Director at LAE to get his thoughts on iHASCO and his decision to choose us as their workplace training provider...

  • Sector: Education
  • Founded: 2012
  • No. of employees: 100+
  • Location: Tottenham, UK

What made you choose iHASCO?

“Having used iHASCO previously, I knew how useful it is for quickly and effectively training staff and ensuring compliance. When I moved to Tottenham to help start a new school it was the obvious choice for our H&S training needs.”

What is it you like most about iHASCO?

“The dashboard interface is really helpful for administering the courses and for quickly seeing who still needs to complete a particular course. The regular automated reminders are helpful too. The videos themselves are comprehensive and cover the required material in an accessible way. The price means that it's possible to train a lot of staff in a wide range of areas without it being prohibitive. As an administrator of the training, my favourite features about iHASCO are the simple dashboards and the range of courses available, many of which have been tailored for education”