About Yodel and their training with iHASCO

Yodel began training with iHASCO back in March 2021 and use a range of our Health & Safety courses, including Fire Warden, Banksman Essentials & Spill Kit Training to keep on top of staff safety and their employer responsibilities. 

We caught up with Emma Cannings, Lead Training Business Partner at Yodel, to discuss workplace training at Yodel and their experiences with iHASCO so far…

  • Sector: Private Sector
  • Founded: 2008
  • No. of employees: 12,000+
  • Location: Merseyside, Liverpool

Why is staff training important for you at Yodel?

Training, learning, and development are all key to supporting our people here at Yodel. We want our colleagues to feel confident and supported in their daily roles, whilst also helping us improve and retain colleagues.

How do you use iHASCO as part of your H&S/HR training strategy?

iHASCO enables Yodel colleagues to remain on site and learn in a location they are familiar with. The courses are tailored for the employees to dip in and out of and continue where they left off, which fit around our colleagues’  busy and quiet periods.

We are currently using Spill Kits, Fire Warden, and Banksman training but we have also upgraded our account to enable us to link our in-house documents to the courses as required reading. This allows candidates to familiarise themselves with how the courses fit in within their lifestyle and whilst working for Yodel, along with sharing what documents and processes to expect when they have successfully completed the courses.

Were iHASCO able to assist you throughout the pandemic?

Yes, prior to the pandemic, most of our health and safety training was classroom-based  and partnering with iHASCO during this period meant we could continue to train our colleagues with no interruption. As the world evolves in training, Yodel is embracing these changes too.

What made you choose iHASCO? Did anything stand out above all else?

iHASCO came highly recommended by our new Health & Safety Business Partners joining Yodel.

Being the main user of the Learning Management System, I found it to be very simple to use. The YouTube training videos were great and prior to using iHASCO I went through all the videos and found this to be the best way to keep things simple.

The support from my Account Manager, Georgia, has been wonderful. She has supported me with further learning of the systems and how we can use iHASCO to further develop our colleague training.

Also, being able to trial and watch the course before presenting to the business was a selling point for us using iHASCO.