About Sherwoods

Sherwoods employ a team of over 60 engaged, committed and enthusiastic people that really enjoy what they do, taking true care and ownership in all areas of the business. They take pride in the services they deliver to their customers and their company goal is to be the absolute best they can be; whilst creating an enjoyable and positive culture of working together and consistently respecting everyone they come into contact with.

Sherwoods are currently using a variety of our Health and Safety Courses, including Fire Warden Training and Asbestos Awareness Training to ensure that their employees are working safely, whilst ensuring the safety of those around them.

Sherwoods have been on board with us since March 2018 and we caught up with Ian Smith the Training & Development Manager to talk about his experience with iHASCO so far. Ian spoke about challenges with workplace training and why Sherwoods required training.

  • Sector: Private Sector
  • Founded: 1970
  • No. of employees: 60+
  • Location: Torquay

What is it you like most about iHASCO?

"Initially the iHASCO website caught my eye but the support team were very helpful on the phone, had a great email response and a proactive attitude in providing a good product at a competitive price. It was exactly what I was looking for."

What's your favourite iHASCO feature?

"The simplicity and ease of use. It is easy to access, perfect for our geographically spread team. Sam Collier (my account manager) is a credit to you."