About Crawley Open House and their training with iHASCO

Crawley Open House partnered with iHASCO back in 2012 and they use a range of our courses, including Food Safety & Hygiene Level 2, Manual Handling, and Mental Health Awareness training.

We caught up with Glenn, Deputy Director at Crawley Open House to discuss staff training and their experience with iHASCO...

  • Sector: Charity
  • Founded: 1982
  • No. of employees: 25
  • Location: Crawley, England

Why is staff training important for you at Crawley Open House?

Staff training at Crawley Open House is something that we place huge value on. It’s the key to ensuring consistent, best practice that informs the whole team of what needs to be done and how best to do it. In terms of Health and Safety, this is vital as regular training reinforces practice to the point that doing the ‘right thing’ becomes normal. This in turn helps us keep our staff and clients safe from harm whilst managing risk to the organisation that might occur if harm was to come to anyone.

Training also instills confidence for staff in that they feel that they are invested in and that they have the skills they need to do their job well.

How do you use iHASCO as part of your H&S/HR training strategy?

iHASCO is at the heart of our training strategy in that it is the first thing that all new staff do. No member of our team is able to come to work unless their iHASCO programme is complete and up-to-date. Without the flexibility that iHASCO’s online service provides, we would have a much slower and less effective recruitment and training strategy.

Were iHASCO able to assist you throughout the pandemic?

iHASCO’s continuing growth and development assisted us during the pandemic by allowing us to deliver first aid training that we had found impossible to offer in-person due to COVID restrictions. Enabling us to continue to have staff trained in first aid seamlessly with no gaps due to circumstances beyond our control was fantastic.

What made you choose iHASCO? Did anything stand out above all else?

We began to use iHASCO for the diversity of their training available and the flexibility that their online service affords us. We have stayed with iHASCO due to the quality of their learning material, the positive feedback from our team, and the fantastic customer service that we receive.

iHASCO are now a fundamental part of our recruitment, training, and professional development strategies and we look forward to working with them for a long time to come.