Anaphylaxis & Allergy Training for Schools & Carers Reviews

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Average score 4.8

476 reviews

  • 87% 5
  • 9% 4
  • 3% 3
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Too long

No summary provided

Poorly written questions too much info

This should be 10 minutes of hard hitting key points fir teachers, keep messages not in there! Watch out for administration of epidemics through clothes such as jeans

Test issue

I decided to review (having got 14/15) and take the test again, but I was unable to take the test again having reviewed the section in question. So I went through the training again...then found that the course had already been passed - I still couldn't retake the test (not the case with the asthma course). Thoroughly irritating not being able to do the test again, as it suggested, having waded through again. The question as to who agrees the IHP ( the parent/guardian) could also have been the school in certain circumstances, for example, if the child had suddenly been taken into care.


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