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good training

No mention of what we do if a child goes into anaphylactic shock, if its their first time and they have never been prescribed adrenalin.

Great content

It was comprehensive, the content was relevant and easy to understand.

Very clear and concise

Gives a good progression in conveying essential information on these important education related topics.

Great refresh

Good refresher


I thought all the training modules were really engaging and well put together. Well done!

See below

Very clear delivery and a useful update. The only section that might need a bit more explanation concerned the different types of pens; the course explained how many seconds to hold each pen in place for but not whether to stab from a short distance away or to hold against the thigh initially and then click. Overall very thorough and easy to follow.

Helpful Course

A useful course, covering all of the main elements to help you support a child with allergies.

Simple and easy to view

No summary provided


No summary provided

Some misleading data in the test

A lot of complicated information for a general audience, although it is presented well.Your quoted survey statistic that 50% of children have an allergy includes even very mild hayfever symptoms and this means that there will be an inappropriate focus on mild symptoms, versus anaphylaxis.The statement that allergies can't be cured is also misleading - children can and do grow out of allergies (particularly milk, fish and shellfish).


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