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Updates from the development team on application releases. Subscribe to the XML feed to be notified of releases as they happen.

Release 20180403

  • Adds course category column to LMS ‘Account / Credits & Subscriptions’ view
  • Improvements to how assessments are handled for branched courses

Release 20180329

  • Switch from JW Player to Video.js for video playback

Release 20180316

  • Switch to Amazon Web Services for alternate/fallback video CDN

Release 20180219

  • Numerous under the hood GDPR related tweaks

Release 20180131

  • LMS Admin Segments provide a means of giving LMS admins ‘restricted’ access
  • LMS now includes option to ‘disable’ unsubscribe links appended to automated emails
  • General housekeeping
  • Various Bug fixes

Release 20171213

  • Consolidated results summary now more accurately reflects actual result status
  • Various Bug fixes

Release 20171130

  • Consolidated results overview report now includes a programme title column
  • Automated emails now include an ‘unsubscribe’ link which archives a users training record
  • Company name field can now be disabled and defaults to off for new clients
  • Disabling company name or optional user profile fields in LMS now NULLifies user row values
  • General housekeeping
  • Various Bug fixes

Release 20171109

  • Add ability to re-send LMS access details to admins
  • Key front end UI elements now match course language

Release 20171106

  • Adds ability for account owner to be CC’d on certain system generated emails to users
  • Ability to specify ‘administrator’ contact details for training suite via LMS (backend)
  • Options to toggle branding in LMS front end and on certs are gone and now ‘on’ by default
  • Certificate ref now includes user_id for easier debugging
  • General housekeeping
  • Various Bug fixes

Release 20171031

  • Removes the ‘Risk Assessment Tool’, this now exists as a standalone app.
  • General housekeeping
  • Various Bug fixes

Release 20171025

  • Improved access to ‘Settings’ in LMS back end
  • Reorganisation of ‘Settings’ screen in LMS back end
  • General housekeeping
  • Various Bug fixes

Release 20171007

  • Complete overhaul of training suite and programme front end
  • Improved small screen compatibility
  • ‘Off Thread’ additional content for slides
  • ‘Review Mode’ following programme completion (7 day grace period)
  • Inline video playback on small screens
  • Option for clients to make videos mandatory (users cannot proceed until they’ve watched them in full)
  • Client branding which persists through the front end inc colour
  • Easier log-in and account recovery via application root using ‘Magic Log-in Links’
  • New ‘My Learning’ view with search and sorting
  • New ‘History/Certificates’ view showing all results and certificates
  • Keyboard shortcuts for common interactions within courses
  • Improved calculation and display of programme percentage complete
  • Improved programme session timer (also logs time spent on intro and test)
  • Overall learning completion status in training suite (is everything done?)
  • Seamless switching between front end backend of LMS for admin users
  • Alert users to changes in release in front and back end
  • Multi certificate downloads in client LMS
  • Vanity ‘Training Suite’ URLs
  • Log-in as LMS user from client LMS
  • Add administrator user label to API response for /users
  • Fixed bug whereby branch programmes erroneously included approvals/accreditations on certificates
  • Fatal errors now provide users with a link to the corresponding support article
  • ‘Global’ pass mark for new accounts now defaults to 60% as per IOSH recommendations

Release 20170514

  • Performance improvements
  • General housekeeping
  • Various Bug fixes

Release 20170430

  • Clients as users
  • Multiple LMS Admins
  • LMS Admin Access Levels
  • Improved LMS Marketplace/Library
  • LMS toggle to disable user certificate downloads
  • Added ‘refresh_reminder_sent’ and ‘completion_reminder_sent’ to LMS results export
  • General housekeeping
  • Various Bug fixes

Release 20170222

  • Migrates all v1 LMS accounts to v2 LMS accounts
  • Removes restriction on email address having to be unique across all LMS accounts

Release 20170107

  • Adds ‘Classroom Mode’ for clients with trainers licenses
  • Adds ‘Preview (Evaluation) Mode’ for LMS administrators
  • General housekeeping
  • Various Bug fixes

Release 20160923

  • Switches primary video playback method from Flash to HTML5 Video
  • General housekeeping
  • Various bug fixes

Release 20160514

  • Course content can now be used within SCORM 1.2 or 2004 compliant third party systems
  • User welcome emails now send once after first log-in, not for every course commencement
  • General housekeeping
  • Various Bug fixes

Release 20160423

  • Upgrade from JW Player 6.1.2 to JW Player 7.3.6 for improved video playback
  • Improved LMS navigation within ‘Account’ area
  • General housekeeping
  • Various Bug fixes

Release 20160326

  • Course Passes - lets you distribute passes for ‘by assignment’ courses. Track usage, delete passes and revoke access granted by those passes
  • Enable/disable Self-registration - Prevents anyone with access via your training suite URL from accessing training unless they are an existing user which you have added/imported
  • Email Domain Lock - Prevents users from registering or logging in unless they have an email address matching the specified email domain
  • Simple Integration - Lets you bypass log-in registration when accessing the training suite and additionally provides the option of jumping directly to a course if used with Course Passes
  • Branding - If you pay for branding then you can now optionally manage this yourself via the LMS
  • API Request Log - Review their last 30 API requests which you’ve made via the LMS
  • General housekeeping
  • Various Bug fixes

Release 20160226

  • Better handling of ‘archive/unarchive’ of users and results from a CSV import based update
  • Various other bug fixes, too numerous too mention

Release 20160204

  • Improvements to application security
  • Improvements to automated emails to include addition of debug data in headers

Release 20160106

  • Ability to update existing users (as well as adding new ones) through the LMS via a CSV file
  • Improved user interface within the LMS for performing actions on users and results
  • ‘Shift-Click’ to select multiple rows at once in both user and result views within the LMS
  • Send single users email via the LMS from their user profile screen instead of having to launch your email client
  • General improvements to application security
  • Various bug fixes

Release 20151130

  • Adds the ability to customise the content of automated user emails sent by the application.

Release 20151105

  • Adds the ability to enable/disable refresh reminder emails for users. This facilitates use of the training interval feature ‘without’ refresh reminder emails being sent to users in the run up to their training interval.

Release 20151101

  • Removes support for legacy programmes (Director, Flash and Stub CD-ROMs)

Release 20151019

  • Adds the ability to duplicate custom email templates in the LMS

Release 20151003

  • Adds the ability to create, edit and delete custom email templates via the LMS.
  • Emails with fewer than or equal to 5 recipients are now processed immediately instead of being queued for delivery.
  • Email composition now supports the inclusion of dynamic user tags in the custom email template.

Release 20150311

This release adds the following new features for resellers:

  • Improved white labelling; removes all traces of iHasco from the marketplace tab
  • Custom training suite and LMS domain name configuration, or you can use our own white label domain

For more information please contact your account manager at iHasco.

Release 20150209

  • Fixed an oversight in Release 20150203 whereby the Training Suite edit profile screen did not include the display of select field types for optional fields.
  • Temporarily removed asynchronous code used to check for Single Concurrent User License sessions which has been causing issues for clients with multiple SCUL programmes.

Release 20150203

This release adds the following new features to the Learning Management System and Training Suite:

  • Improved results export from the LMS - CSV exports from the LMS now correctly honor the selected tab and existing sort order. Previously ‘Export to CSV’ did not reflect the data visible in the current tab and also ignored any current result sort order.

  • Pre-determined registration field options - As an LMS user you can now specify pre-determined options for users to pick from when completing optional registration fields. There’s a new option to set a field as ‘Select’ type in the custom fields settings tab within the LMS. You can specify as many options as required on different lines and these are presented to the user registering through the Training Suite as a drop down select list.

This is useful if you want users to pick from a pre-determined list of ‘Departments’ or ‘Locations’ for example during registration rather than allow them to free type a department or location.