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This training course is broken down into 2 sections

  1. 1 FGM Awareness
  2. 2 FGM Prevention
FGM victim looks down to the floor - FGM Awareness Training
Section 1 FGM: How many people fall victim to FGM?

Performing Female Genital Mutilation, or FGM, means injuring, changing, or removing part or all of the female genitals that are visible from the outside - for non-medical reasons. In this section, we look at why communities practice FGM, whether it has any medical benefits or if it is a religious practise, whether it is legal and the effects of FGM.

Section 2 FGM: How to prevent FGM

If you work in the education sector, or health and social care, preventing FGM is part of your legal safeguarding duty, so you need to follow the same procedure as you do for other safeguarding issues. In this section, we look at the simple way to remember what you must do if you have concerns about a young person’s safety or wellbeing.

About this course

FGM is ILLEGAL and classed as child abuse in the UK. It is often performed to young girls between the age of four and eight, to ensure it is before puberty. The aim of FGM is to inhibit women's sexual feelings. 

FGM stands for Female Genital Mutilation. This is the operation woman face where their genitals are cut out, altered or damaged. This operation does not have a medical reason behind it, it is more often due to cultural or non-therapeutic beliefs. Other terms it falls under are 'female circumcision' or 'cutting' among others. 

There are four different types of FGM that are explained in the course and they are often performed by people who are not medically trained (but may have conducted FGM many times before). But outside of the UK, this may be different, qualified professionals may perform it. Another problem often associated with FGM is that antiseptics and anaesthetics are not often used and this can result in large amounts of pain and sometimes infection.

But the arguably biggest problem with FGM is that due to the age of the girls receiving the procedure, they may not actually consent to it and are forced into it. Additionally, there are not any health benefits for this procedure but they can cause problems for the recipient.

This course aims to equip you with the tools to know what to look for if you suspect a child is going to be subjected to FGM and what you can do to prevent it. In addition to this course, we offer a wide selection of online safeguarding courses.

Michelle Livings, a presenter of FGM Awareness & Prevention Training

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Michelle Livings

The importance of FGM Awareness & Prevention Training

It’s important that you comply with the law and understand the positive impact this training course can have on your organisation and employees.

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FGM Awareness & Prevention Certificate

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Why is this training important?


It's important that you comply with the law and know the ways in which it affects you and the way you work.

Female Genital Mutilation Act 2003

The FGM Act 2003 applies to the UK (not Scotland, they have the Prohibition of Female Genital Mutilation (Scotland) Act 2005) and also any UK nationals that perform the act outside of the UK. It also makes the act of performing FGM punishable by up to 14 years. 

The possible offences under the Act are broken down into 4 sections:

  • The offence of Female Genital Mutilation 
  • The offence of assisting a girl to mutilate her own genitals
  • Assisting a non-UK person to mutilate the genitalia of an overseas person
  • The offence of a UK national or resident performing the act outside of the UK

Definitions, penalties and consequential provisions are also covered within this act. This Act was created in order to punish those who have performed FGM illegally.  

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