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Food Allergy Awareness Training

Health & Safety

Whether you work in food production, packaging, distribution, processing, food retailing or catering, you will require food allergy awareness training. Laws surrounding food allergies have put much more pressure on businesses in recent years (Particularly with The Food Information Regulations coming into force in 2014) but our training course is a hassle free way of proving your commitment to current legislation. Complete this IOSH approved course online in just 35 minutes!

Food allergy awareness is part of our collection of food hygiene and safety courses

Key course features & benefits:

  • Complete in just 35 minutes 
  • CPD Accredited and IOSH Approved 
  • Covers 14 major food allergens and their labelling
  • Prevent harmful cross-contamination 
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Food Safety and Hygiene Training - Level 1

Health & Safety

This training is a LEGAL requirement for anyone working with consumables. Our Food Safety and Hygiene Training covers food hazards, food poisoning, best personal hygiene practices and how to avoid cross-contamination. This training is IOSH approved and focuses on The Food Hygiene Regulations 2006.

Food safety and hygiene level 1 is a great introduction to our food hygiene courses

Key course features & benefits:

  • Helps work towards compliance with the Food Hygiene Regulations 2006 
  • IOSH Approved and CPD Accredited 
  • Complete in just 45 minutes
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Food Safety and Hygiene Training - Level 2

Health & Safety

Following on from our level 1 course, this Food Safety and Hygiene level 2 course looks also looks at food safety management systems (which includes HACCP), the ‘4 C’s of food safety and other procedures and food premises. Upon completion of this course, you will be provided with a level 2 food hygiene certificate.

Food safety and hygiene level 2 is a great follow on from our level 1 course

Key course features & benefits:

  • IOSH approved & CPD Accredited
  • Builds on food safety & hygiene level 1 
  • Can be completed in under an hour
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Infection Prevention and Control Training

Health & Safety

Whilst it is important that infections do not spread in the workplace, it is doubly important that they do not spread in places where food is being processed, made or served as you run the risk of not only infecting your staff but also your customers. This course looks at infection chains, best hygiene practices, common infections and your responsibilities.

Infection prevention is a vital part of food safety and hygiene

Key course features & benefits:

  • CPD Accredited & IIRSM approved
  • Applicable to all workplaces but especially suitable for Food Consumption and Care Sectors
  • Complete in just 30 minutes 
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Your Legal Food Hygiene Responsibilities

Complying with food safety laws also means compliance with food hygiene laws. If you run a food business you usually need to have an HACCP plan in place, which prevents biological, chemical and physical hazards from affecting food, see more at the .Gov food safety & hygiene page. Current legislation relating to food hygiene and safety include:

  • Food Information Regulations 2014

    Requires the way allergens are labelled on packaging to be absolutely clear and any non-compliance with the regulations will now result in hefty fines.

  • Food Hygiene Regulations 2006

    In short, these regulations made Food Safety and Hygiene a legal requirement.

  • The Food Safety Act 1990

    You are obliged to treat food intended for human consumption in a controlled and managed way.

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