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Release 20150203

This release adds the following new features to the Learning Management System and Training Suite:

  • Improved results export from the LMS - CSV exports from the LMS now correctly honor the selected tab and existing sort order. Previously ‘Export to CSV’ did not reflect the data visible in the current tab and also ignored any current result sort order.

  • Pre-determined registration field options - As an LMS user you can now specify pre-determined options for users to pick from when completing optional registration fields. There’s a new option to set a field as ‘Select’ type in the custom fields settings tab within the LMS. You can specify as many options as required on different lines and these are presented to the user registering through the Training Suite as a drop down select list.

This is useful if you want users to pick from a pre-determined list of ‘Departments’ or ‘Locations’ for example during registration rather than allow them to free type a department or location.

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