About St Marks Primary

St Mark’s use our range Health & Safety courses to keep their students and staff safe as well as helping them to work towards compliance with legislation. These include the likes of Fire Awareness Training and COSHH Training. They also use some of our most popular HR Compliance courses such as Equality & Diversity and Mental Health Awareness for Education Professionals.

St Mark’s C.E Primary School have been on board with us since 2017. We recently caught up with Chris Lovett, the Systems Manager at St Mark’s to talk more about what it was that made them realise their training needs and why they chose iHASCO...

  • Sector: Education
  • Founded: 1862
  • No. of employees: 60+
  • Location: Southampton, UK

What made you realise your training needs?

"Along with our statutory duties to provide specific training in certain areas, we value our staff's continuing professional development and want them to be able to deliver the best education and support for all our pupils and stakeholders."

What made you choose iHASCO?

"You were the leading provider when it came to research on online training and provided excellent value for money as well as fantastic and friendly customer support, especially through our amazing account manager, Jack. We also felt that iHASCO would give us the excellent quality training packages we needed to support staff and have not been disappointed. It had a flexible system, both in allowing us to allocate as and where necessary at a click of a button and also in terms of the overall management of an online CPD system. Your packages are adapted and updated as changes in the law, and social factors, influence the content needs of the training. With a constant flow of new and useful courses, we knew we had found a winner.

The packages have successfully covered the areas of training and CPD that our school needed as well as going beyond, equipping our staff with the skills they need to give our children, staff, parents and partners the best education and support they need. Thank you!"