About Portsmouth Aviation and their training with iHASCO

Portsmouth Aviation have been training their staff with iHASCO for over a decade now and use over 60 of our eLearning courses to keep staff safe, happy and productive whilst at work. They use a range of courses from our Health & Safety library, but also utilise a range of our HR and Business Compliance courses such as Mental Health Awareness, Equality & Diversity, and GDPR/Cyber security courses.

We caught up with Jeffrey Hunt, Health & Safety Manager at Portsmouth Aviation to discuss all things Health & Safety and workplace training...

  • Sector: Manufacturing
  • Founded: 1929
  • No. of employees: 200+
  • Location: Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Why is staff training important for you at Portsmouth Aviation?

Portsmouth Aviation are committed to the continual improvement of our workforce, a suitable & sufficient training programme allows a company to strengthen the necessary skills to enable the workforce to conduct their work safely.

Having a fully trained workforce allows rotation of staff through various roles, and to work independently without constant help and supervision from others thus increasing production.

How do you use iHASCO as part of your H&S/training strategy?

Several courses are mandated to be completed annually by all employees, other courses are selected and allocated to the workforce as is applicable to the processes being carried out. With the availability of courses covering a wide range of subjects including H&S, HR compliance to Mental Health Awareness. Some specific courses are used as corrective actions following an incident or near miss to check understanding and to reinforce the training already received.

What made you choose iHASCO? Did anything stand out above all else?

iHASCO has an ever-growing selection of courses, covering a multitude of disciplines. The iHASCO courses are well structured, easy to follow, and are available to our company constantly.

Portsmouth Aviation has an excellent working relationship with our iHASCO Account Manager which ensures any issues are sorted to satisfaction swiftly and the quantity and quality of the courses has provided our company with value for money.