About Tendring District Council and its training with iHASCO

Tendring District Council has used iHASCO to train and develop its staff for more than five years now. It began using our core Health & Safety courses but have since expanded its training and now offer staff more than 60 of our eLearning courses including key HR & Compliance topics including Anti-Bribery, Fraud Prevention, Mental Health Awareness, and Building Resilience to keep their staff safe, happy and productive in the workplace.

We caught up with Carol Magnus, who is responsible for workplace training at TDC, to get her views on iHASCO and training at TDC…

  • Sector: Public Sector
  • Founded: 1974
  • No. of employees: 250+
  • Location: Clacton on Sea, Essex, United Kingdom

Why is it important for you to give your staff high-quality training?

At TDC we take pride in being able to ‘grow our own’. Staff development is fundamental to enable that to happen. More than 90% of our staff are from the local area and we are the biggest employer in the district.  We want to have a skilled and knowledgeable workforce to provide the very best service we can for our residents.

How do you use iHASCO as part of your H&S/training strategy?

iHASCO provides much of the underpinning knowledge base on health and safety-related topics for all our staff. The video platforms mean the courses are accessible and easy to follow. All new starters are required to complete the courses we have identified as mandatory. The range of courses means we can tailor the mandatory aspects for a wide range of different roles within the Council and staff can add to their knowledge as they take on additional responsibilities.

What made you choose iHASCO? Did anything stand out above all else?

We chose iHASCO as the courses are well designed and the video format works very well along with the assessment at the end. The pricing is competitive and compares very well against other providers we considered. Having material that we know is kept up to date is a great plus too. Staff have adapted to the learning and we now get requests for ‘is there an iHASCO course on…?’ The support we have received from you to help us manage our records has also been excellent.