Fluids and Nutrition in Care Training, Page 2 Reviews

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24 reviews

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Great course !

I really enjoyed this course because when I watched the videos , they explained the course Making it easy to follow and understand .

Good course.

Enjoyable & interesting course.

Five star rating

Excellent course easily understood would reccomend

It was great. I gained knowledge.

I enjoyed the training.

Presenter spoke too quickly

My style of learning is to write things down so found him a little fast to keep up with. Others may not have a problem. Very informative

Very informative information

Very informative information for me to give my clients the best care

Refreshing is good way.

No summary provided

Great Course

The information was easy to absorb, you can watch the video while reading the transcript. All further information you need to know is there for you to read & down load. The training is relevant for my occupation with in Social Care.

Clear description of requirements

Description of how carers can ensure persons in their care receive the necessary nutrition to keep them healthy

Very informative

The fluids and nutrition in care training showed me how important it is to have a healthy and nutritious diet. for our clients physical and well being. to notice the signs of malnutrition. Food safety and how its stored and to follow a care plan to see a clients likes/dislikes, religion etc.

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