Fire Awareness Training in Construction Reviews

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245 reviews

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Aimed at the inexperienced

Patronising tone is unhelpful; there are two issues which I think are incomplete. Firstly as to sources of ignition, it misses the issue of spontaneous combustion from 'composting' and secondly fire extinguishers should in my view only be used by those who have received practical training.

Flow could be improved

Provide an option, to watch the whole training session in one go without having to load each section.

44 short videos too many

Too many videos to click out of full screen and scroll to next and click back to full screen Should be split into less videos as more time spent starting videos than watching

Doesn’t make sense

It says don’t get you belongings etc because you haven’t got time but then goes on to say you should look in toilets and small spaces on the way out if it’s safe to but how would somebody know the fire isn’t the other side of toilet door or they get trapped in the small spaces, I think it should just say leave the building asap

Too long

Some interesting content but as mentioned above too long for online learning.

Amazing, easy to work with

Great information, well constructed course.


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